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DemonCrawl Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

If you click the bag icon at the bottom right, you’ll show your inventory.
There are several types of item, depending on how (and if) you use them.

Consumable items have a highlighted background.
Left-click on them to use them and consume them.

Equipment – head, body, or boots – grant a defense bonus and sometimes other specials.
Click to up them on. Equipment can take damage over time and be broken, or be fortified.

Held items grant some effect just for carrying them around.

Magic items can be clicked to use them, then they’ll recharge mana over time
(as cells get revealed), and can be used again.

Minions will protect you from one hit.

Omens are held items that have a bad effect. Legendary items, colored in gold,
are especially good and powerful items.

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