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Demonpact: Clarice Cheats

Demonpact: Clarice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Secret Codes:
Written by Rivey.

-=Characters Codes=-
ABAIOG – Adds “Goiaba” to your team.
Alexie – Adds “Ingrid” to your team.
fl0ppy – Adds “Save-Chan” to your team.
Don’t tell her you don’t get the code legitimately.
HVmtl – Adds “Young George” to your team.

-=Weapons and Trinkets Codes=-
cATCH – You receive a weapon called “Stick x10 times.
CRO55 – You receive a Trinket called “The Cross” for Lenny.
GOLDDD – You receive a Trinket called “Golden Stick” for Zack.
n3oS0L – You receive a Trinket called “Neo Soul Spear” for Zack.
PENgin – You receive one “Bullet” useless without a gun.
4NG3L – You get one “Scroll of Light” used to recruit Keila later
in the game.
suFFer – You receive one “scroll of darkness” used to recruit Phillip
later in the game.
Bictry – You receive one “victory point”.
fknLSE – You receive three “defeated points”.

-=Characters Stats Codes=-
eeZZZ – Gives every single playable character gets 50 HP permanently.
UPgrad – G0R5’s get an upgrade.

-=Extra Modes Codes=-
gH0STT – Activates “no-clip mode” allowing you to walk through walls.
BLOOD – Activates the way the game was originally intended to be… with
harder battles, secret NPCs, and an overall edgier story with
credit – Activate the “credits screen”, after it the game resets and you
will love all unsaved progress.

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