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Depth Dewellers Cheats

Depth Dewellers

Cheat Codes:
During the game press:

Code Effect
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[I] – God mode
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[L] – Extra live
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F] – All weapons
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[N] – Warp to the next level
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+S – Save .PCX format screen shot

Level One Secret Location:
Upon discovering the first of the wandering blokes, you will see a
wall panel with green slime oozing out. Behind that you’ll find some
bonus items.

Submitted by: Simion Marius

* Pressing the [T] key while standing near a slave causes the slave to be
transported to safty and you get 100 points added to your score. At the
end of the level you recieve an additional 500 points for each 5% you
successfully freed.
* Shooting eneny bullets can destroy them.
* If you are getting low on health or ammo duck.
* If you crawl remember that every time your head bobs up.
you can get hit in the head with an emeny projectile.
* You can pick up a gun for added points or leave it in case you die.

Submitted by: Simion Marius

Pressing the F10 key while in the game.

[ESC] exit
[UP ARROW] move forward
[DOWN ARROW] move backward
[LEFT ARROW] turn left
[RIGHT ARROW] turn right
[CTRL] [UP ARROW] move forward fast
[CTRL] [DOWN ARROW] move backward fast
[CTRL] [LEFT ARROW] strafe left
[CTRL] [RIGHT ARROW] strafe right
[P] position
[M] toggle music on/off
[+] enlarge view window
[-] reduce view window
[1] increase turning sensitivity
[2] decrease turning sensitivity
[3] increase movement sensitivity
[4] decrease movement sensitivity
[D] duck
[F] jump (fly)
[T] transport slave to safty (must be near slave)
[F1] save game to slot 1
[F2] save game to slot 2
[F3] save game to slot 3
[F4] save game to slot 4
[ALT][F1] restore game from slot 1
[ALT][F2] restore game from slot 2
[ALT][F3] restore game from slot 3
[ALT][F4] restore game from slot 4
[F5] select weapon
[F6] toggle high/low resolution
[F7] toggle stereographic mode (only in registered version)
[SPACE BAR] fire
Right Mouse move forward
Right Mouse/click open door

[CTRL][ALT][I] God mode.

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