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Desert Rifle Cheats

Desert Rifle

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: David K.

* Most of the weapons were useless, but that is because I had a hard time
forcusing on the ammo. All weapons besides the handgun had less ammo
and would burn through it quickly. Because I have good aim, I found the
handgun to be the best weapon.

Day 1 – Buy as many mines as you can. I placed them on the back row and
when a few enemies came by, fired it off.
Day 2 – Same as day 1.
Day 3 – Same as day 1.
Day 4 – Same as day 3.
I would save the mines for the cars and ensure that they blow up nicely.
Day 5 – Same as day 4.
I would use the suicide drivers to blow up enemies around them.
This saved mines from being used.
Day 6 – You are almost there. Hold out and hope for the best!

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