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Deserving Life Cheats

Deserving Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide:
Written by CSLab1

Guide to each of the rooms if you’re struggling to solve a puzzle!

-=First Room, Attic=-
The first room has several important objects. If an object necessary to
solve a puzzle is tossed too far away from the center of the play area,
there’s a chance it will re-spawn at its starting place.

First of all, you need to free yourself from the metal chain. Grab the
hammer, hold your chained hand over the anvil on the floor, then gently
swing the hammer over the broken iron link close to your left hand.
The chain should break immediately if you’re successful.

There are two metal objects suspended by hooks that look somewhat like
locks. Over the wooden hatch on the floor, there is a metal hook. Place
both of these metal objects onto the hook and the ceiling should collapse,
granting access to the next area.

-=The Power / Electricity=-
When you reach the main floor of the house, there will be three doors.
The door farthest to your left leads to the circuit breaker, so go there

Find a nail in the room (there are some behind the palette if you
misplace the visible ones) and insert it into the top notch of the
circuit breaker. All lights should now work. Grab and hold onto an
extra nail for the next room.

The note in this room is under the bottom shelf.

In the bathroom immediately next door, the note is under the tank
behind the toilet; simply remove the lid and you can read the note.

Back in the hallway, use a nail to lodge the key from the farthest
right door. Grab the key from the hole under the door and use it to
unlock the door and enter the foyer.

Inside the foyer, there is a radio on top of a nightstand. Open the
shelf of the nightstand and there should be a doorknob. The doorknob
can be attached to the door behind you to allow access to the kitchen.

// Unrelated, but if you want to do the special gesture to unlock an
achievement, press and hold a trigger down then press the grip button on
the same controller. Use it to show how much you love your friends

-=Kitchen / Basement=-
In the kitchen, the second cupboard up top has a pot. Fill it with water
from the sink, then place the pot on the stove. Turn the leftmost knob
until the water audibly begins to boil, then dump the water on the frozen
door in the kitchen. You’re almost done!

// Unrelated, but to get an additional achievement open the fridge in
the kitchen and hold the pizza up to your face to eat it.

In the cellar, grab a bullet and place it into the keyhole of the iron gate.
You need to actually crawl into the large pipe in the room to grab a hammer
and see the last note in the game, so stay low to avoid clipping issues.
Gently hit the bullet with the hammer to open the last door.

Congratulations! You deserve life. Well I mean you were desperate/ resourceful
enough to look at this guide, so I’ll leave the conclusions up to you.

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