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Emperor – Battle for Dune Cheats

Emperor – Battle for Dune

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jens lohse

King Worm Tip:
As soon as the final mission begins move the “Duplicator” in front of the
king worm and duplicate a few sonic tank. Then move the sonic tanks away
from the duplicater. Otherwise they will be hit by the super-kanon. Then
take position before attack the king worm. Don’t let the tanks stick
together (because of the super-kanon). And after a few attack you can move
on to the next game.

Submitted by: rickHH

Infantry Defence – Atreides Only:
Atreides have to be one of the strongest defenders, with the Machine Gun
Tower and the Missle Turret. It is simple to defend with simple Infantry,
First find the entrance. If possible find the main one. Build 10 Kindjal
Units and 10 Snipers. Place 5 Kindjal and 5 Snipers on either side of the
entrance. Deploy the Kindjal and bingo, you’ve got the kindjal to take out
tanks and the snipers to take out infantry.

Sniper Offence:
Atreides Only First off, build 6 snipers, If there are barrels around the
builds of the base and such..thats all you’ll need. If not, add 6 Mongooses
and and 8 Bikes to the list. That should do fair, add stronger units as the
diff. goes up. This should work when there are two entrances, bring the
snipers around rear, and start picking off Infantry [ Or barrels ]. All
their units should come after the snipers then fly the bikes into the middle
of the base to take out defences and the units from behind. Then have the
Mongooses paste the base.

Creeper Tank – Atreides Only:
First build 5 Engineers and an APC, Pile the Engineers into the APC, park
the APC infront of the opponent’s base. Once it cloaks, creep it slowly an
inch at a time, keeping it cloaked. Once the APC is deep enough without
being seen, unload it and take over 5 buildings. Sell them, you’ll get
infantry and money.

Infantry Offence – Counter – Ordos Only:
A simple way to take out any offence of infantry, is just a few Mortor
infantry, just deploy them at the top of the ramp. Out of ranges of the
Kindjal and snipers. They’ll get a height advantage and take them out in
a few seconds.

Infantry Offence/defence – Ordos Style:
The same can be done with ordos, all you need is a mortors instead and The
Freman Subhouse. The Freman warriors have same range as snipers and can cloak.

Infernal Offence – Harkonnan Only:
For a nice attack force from Harkonnan, not that a few tanks can’t take out
half an opponents force. First 4-10 Inkvine Tanks and about 25 Flame troopers.
With the Inkvines fireing away, and the flamers igniteing the remaining waste
from the Inkvine’s attacks. Your sure that any Infantry will be ash and you’ll
be turning tanks into microwaves..

Overwhelming Forces – Ix Sub-House:
With any House and the Ix Subhouse, Build a duplicator and one of your
strongest units (Ordos:Deviator, 0Harkonnan:Devisator, Atredies:Sonic Tank).
Build two Adv. Carryalls, and drop them near a base, On rock..I’ve made that
mistake…Deploy the Duplicator, and simply duplicate the unit you brought
with it, and just send the units in, not the real one..so you get a free
supply of strong units that build in seconds. Another trick to use on the
Ordos is to duplicate the enmies laser tanks..The duplicate laser tank will
shoot the sheilds will refract and blow both of them up. You didnt pay for
you tank so no shead tears. The Laser tank is also great to mass produce..
as it is fast and will move away so you can make more.

Harkonnen: Easy win against the CPU:
Build four or more Harkonnen Devastators and for to eight Advanced Carryalls.
You may need to build more then 4 when fist attempting this trick — for
beginners start with eight to twelve. Number the Devastators group “1” and
each Carryall a number after that (such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Collect
all your Devastators and then Transport them to best location in the enemy’s
base. If they do not have a weak point, you can attack by way of the front
door or make a suicide run for the Construction Yard and Factory. If you
take the front door approach, just keep your team close, and concentrate
firepower on one unit at a time. Remember to take out Laser Tanks and missile-
type enemies first. You may go full force, but the CPU is dumb and will send
all units to attack — do not worry, they will be slapped down with ease. If
you take the suicide approach, just go for the Construction Yard and then
the Factory. Better yet, if the Refineries are close to each other, take
them both out and the CPU will sell all structures 90% of the time. Then,
all you have to deal with is the last of their units.

Harkonnen: All House units:
Capture a Construction Yard of a different House. Make sure you have a
Advanced Carryall near and select the Construction Yard. Then, select
somewhere else on the map. The Construction Yard will undeploy and turn back
into an MCV. At this point you can grab it with the Advanced Carryall and
take it back to your base, where you can then redeploy it and build the
entire army of your enemy. In this manner you can have every unit (except
SubHouse) in one game. With this flexibility you can have the ultimate

Harkonnen: Steal Harvesters:
Get some Advanced Carryalls and you can steal the enemy’s Harvesters.
Make sure you do not go too close to your own forces. If you do, then
your own Carryall may be damaged or destroyed as your own units try to
kill the Harvester. In this way you can keep them out of the game
without alerting the enemy that a unit has been lost (if playing human
player). The CPU may or may not make a new one, and in this way you can
slow them down. This trick also works for stealing any other unit,
however it is dangerous because it wont pick the unit up immediately.
It takes a few seconds to become airborne, and while on the ground any
weak unit can take a pot shot at you.

Atredes: Stopping sieges with Minitowers:
The Atredes Minitower unit (huge four-turreted mech) is extremely powerful.
Use the following trick to stop the AI’s siege with those Minitowers. Get
several cheap AA units and an Advanced Carryall unit to pick up the
Minitowers, which the AI never escorts. Place them carefully near the AA
troops. That will keep the troops from hitting your Advanced Carryall.
The Minitower will not be able to fire. This works best for the Ordos.
If your Carryall is hit, then it will repair itself.

When you pick up any enemy Tank with an Advanced Carryall, drop it next to
Tleixau Leeches in your base. You will get a free Leech and you will not
have to worry about the Leeches dying because your other forces will attack
the enemy Tank. Leech enemy harvesters, but do not destroy the Harvesters.
You will find out where the enemy base is located, and if you are lucky,
enemy units will be leeched.

What subhouse to use in multyplayer:
As this question rises there are only two main subhouse strategies:
1. Saradaukar and fremen: Create as many as you can of their units.
fremen are invisible, and hold much firepoer, use them to sneak and
attack your opponents` base. Use the Sards to give more firepower to
your troops, and for anti-air defense.
2.Guild and Teilaxu:The guild can transport their NIAB tanks from 1 point
to the other, when massed they can be used to erase buildings in seconds.
The Teilaxu have units that infect other units, this will help you to
increase your units in numbers.

Extra resources:
If you are running low on money, send a few units to search for wrecked vehicles
such as Sandcrawlers, Harvesters, and Dune Buggies. Have your units destroy these.
Each one you destroy will drop a crate that is worth $2000.

Destroying powerful enemy units:
The CPU always has something powerful available. The CPU usually sends at least
eight to ten powerful units at a time. It is important to keep the way enemy
units get into your base blocked. To do so, either block it with many infantry,
a decent amount of vehicles, or a decent amount of both. Note: Do not use these
units to invade enemy territory — make a certain area where you put those

General strategy:
Each house in the game has some personality which makes it easier to imply the
right tactics on the right house. Atreides are the noble house, hence they have
good specified units, and the ability to fix or heal units wounded in battle.
The Ordos are sneaky and devious, hence their units are faster, and sneakier,
also their tanks will regenerate. The Harkonnen are brute-force and evil, this
allows their units to act at full capacity even if wounded. Also mass use of
units is more than welcome.

Notice there is a black border in all maps. By entering it, you’re unit becomes
invisible to the enemy, thus granting you invulnerability. This is a perfect
cheat for an Air Drone base camp to destroy any enemy aircraft that comes out
from a Hangar that could possibly be built near this black border. You can also
use other units to base camp, a Harkonnen Air Defense would be a perfect example,
as it can destroy enemy structures, forcing them to not build near the black
border. If you do not understand what the black border is, then check around the
map, noticing a blacklish area that cannot be revealed. You can enter this black
border only a little.

Swift defense against enemy invasions:
As you know, in solo campaigns, each player (Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen) has
one turn to attack, and after your attack, enemies can fight each other, or some
can turn to invade your territory. When the battle starts, since you’re domastic,
you’ll already have a base and most likely some veteran units for protection. Now,
if you make couple of scouts and send them to find an enemy base, you’ll see it’s
barely deployed, and maybe it doesn’t even have a harvester station. Your target
is to set your waypoints from both infantry barracks and vehicle factory to place
near computer’s base, and to try and strike him with everything you have at your
disposal and render him unconscious before his AI manages to make turrets and
barracks for protection. In case that doesn’t work out, you can simultaneously
build harvester stations and turrets for protecting your base, and keep him busy
while you gather resources to reinforce your constant attacks.

How to defeat Emperor Worm:
First, you build the construction yard and car factory. Then, you build robots and
toxic car. Then build the plane factory then build the carriers to grab the robot
to the Emperor Worm. Beware of cannons and troops.

Build faster:
A factory will build a unit in 100% unit-time-build. Two factories will build a unit
150% faster ! three will build 175 faster !!! More factories are useless! This implies
also to barracks, palace, and construction yard!

All movies:
Note: This procedure involves editing a registry value; do not attempt this if
you are not familiar with working with your system registry, as a mistake can
cause serious problems with Windows. Start Regedit and use the “Registry/Export
Registry File” menu option to create a backup copy of your original registry.
Make the following registry changes.



Attacking bases:
When you launch an attack on an enemy base, regardless of your House or what
forces you use, destroy (or take over with Engineers) any enemy Turrets. It
will now be easy to attack the rest of the base. In your next attack, destroy
(or take over) any Construction Yards, MCVs, Factories, or Starports. This way,
the buildings that you destroy will be impossible for the enemy to rebuild.
Because you destroy the Starport and Factory, MCVs can no longer be produced.
Without MCVs or Construction Yards, no buildings can be built. An additional
bonus to this is that no more Tanks can be produced. If you can, after doing
these things, you should destroy the Barracks. You should now concentrate on
destroying the rest of the base. As the Harkonnen, you can send Defense
Platforms to the enemy base to attack any remaining troops. This seems odd,
but works well. With any House, you can take any Tank capable of running over
Infantry to destroy the rest of the base.

Final mission – emperor worm:
Submitted by: hoggi

most people say send the replicator tank and duplicate sonic tanks(ho hum long and boring)
a quicker way is to build 3 refinerys and upgrade then build a hanger and about 25 to 30
attack craft (dont worry about low cash youll be raking it in) when you have your air armada
built send them straight to the emperor and blow the hell out of it. thats it you win!!!!
(dont forget to build your forces as the enemy send a huge wave of men and tanks)

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