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Empire Earth – Gold Edition Cheats

Empire Earth – Gold Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below for the desired effect:

Code Effect
creatine – Get 1000 iron
you said wood – Get 1000 Wood
rock&roll – Get 1000 rock
atm – Get 1000 gold
my name is methos – Get all resources and show map
ahhhcool – Lose game
somebody set up the bomb – Win game
boston rent – All gold gone
the big dig – all resources gone
display cheat – shows cheats
friendly skies – Planes refuel in mid air
mine your own business – 0 rock
girlyman – 0 iron
slimfast – 0 food
coffee train – Health for all player units
brainstorm – Faster building
headshot – all object gone
uh, smoke? – All wood gone
asus drivers – show map
boston food sucks – Get 1000 Food
all you base are belong to us – Get 10,000 everything
(or all your base are
belong to us)
i have the power – Magic/power set to max
columbus – Animals & fish appear
the quotable patella – Units upgraded

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