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Endless Sky Cheats

Endless Sky

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Break the Bank:
Written by Malkrie

This guide will walk you through one of the best (but certainly not the
easiest) way to make millions. There are plenty of ways to make a large
sum of money, but this strategy takes away the majority of the grind. If
you are a new player, I’d recommend not viewing this guide; there is so
much that you can do in this game even without a fleet to rival the Navy,
and it is actually much more fun to accidentally discover alien races with
advanced technology.

This guide will throw spoiler after spoiler at you.

-=Starting Out=-
You will first be met by a screen, asking you to fill out your name. Do
whatever you want here. Then, the easiest way to pay off the initial loan
that I have found will be to choose the shuttle. Finish James’ missions and
find a system far away from Sol that has few surrounding systems.

-=Examples include=-
Gamma Corvi

Then you will want to accept missions without deadlines that are as far away
as possible by landing on your planet and taking off again until you find
one that suits you. If you can accept multiple, try and have all your missions
in a cluster with at most two jumps between systems. Do this until you are no
longer in debt.

-=Venturing Onward=-
Once you are no longer in debt, head to the wormhole in Ultima Thule; the
system directly below the “O” in “Far North,” and enter it. This leads to
the Hai Territory, where the prices are very high but the outfits are some
of the most space efficient in the game. We only need one outfit; the Quantum
Keystone. This will be essential.

Now, farm special cargo missions until you have enough money to buy any
ship better than a shuttle, as you will need the extra shields and hull
for the next step (I’d personally recommend the Bounder).

-=Easy Jump Drive Strategy=-
Land on systems south of The Deep (like Tania Australis) to activate a
specific mission, where you go investigate the Terminus system. Complete the
mission and go back to Terminus, preferably with LOTS of free cargo space.
Navigate your way to the Remnant and wait until you are offered the mission
to help repel an invading Korath fleet. Pray to the RNG, and depart. Avoid
combat at all costs. Loot disabled Korath ships for their jump drives,
install one on your ship, and go to the Free Worlds. I’d recommend leaving
with as many as you can carry, reloading your save if you don’t max out
your cargo with jump drives.

-=The Finale=-
Once you are at the southern edge of the Free Worlds, you will notice systems
outside human space. Jump to Coalition space and land. You will be required
to do approximately 30 jobs for them before you can start purchasing stuff
from there. Go to the 14 Pole system, and either repeat the instructions of
“Starting Out” or take missions to the ring-worlds until you have enough
money to buy a larger passenger ship, preferably the Kimek Spire. Then,
equip the ship with as many bunk rooms as possible, with the previously m
entioned ship capable of roughly 261 passengers. Then just run missions to
the ring-worlds and you will soon be able to afford any ship, what with the
fact that you can get several missions each worth three million credits with
the same destination.

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