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Endless War 4 Cheats

Endless War 4

Shooting threw walls:
Submitted by: minime

All you have to do is get a weapon (that isn’t sort like a MP5 or sidearm)
then you get to a thin wall like you are running into it stay there and your
opponents can’t see you but you can see them and snip them easy.

Submitted by: El_Bob

First start any campagain with HE grenades. Complete the mission but don’t
walk into the circle thing yet. Stand just next to it and throw a grenade
into it and then instantly run it. The grenade should have killed you but
the next part complete pops up. Click on it. You should notice that your
health and armor are zero for your next mission but you’re still alive.
You are now invisible as long as you don’t walk into a health pack for
the remaining two missions!

The best gun:
Submitted by: Creator

Don’t use minigun or other guns and remember don’t you use the snipers.
Use the Kord 14.5 mm gun machinegun. The damage is 700 and has more
bullets than other snipers. Remember to unlock all guns in the option.

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