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Enemy Zero Cheats

Enemy Zero

Hints and Tips:
Save your position when you feel you have gone far enough.
Don’t overdo it and your batteries should last the game.
Remember the only thing that is in the way between Laura
and the Escape Vessel is the Gun. Practise, practise, and
practise, and you won’t get killed as often.

For those of you who own a memory backup cartridge, use it
to store your Voice Records. Here is how: transfer the
Voice Records to the Cartridge from the Saturn’s internal
memory, then remove the cartridge when you play.
Transfer the Records back when you die.
This way you never run out of batteries.

Shower Scene:
Finish game in Normal Mode, then start a new game in Hard Mode.
When you get to Laura’s room, press A to see Laura’s shower scene.

Zero Enemies:
In Laura’s room enter: a,l,c,x and there will be no enemies.

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