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Entombed Cheats


Solving the musical puzzle on level 1:
The musical puzzle on level 1 has the following pattern.
Number the shore levels in the bar on the right from top
to bottom as 1 to 7. Number the waves from right to left
as 1 to 7. When the bar is highlighted, write down the
corresponding number. Wait for all seven notes, then
click the corresponding numbers on the waves.

Completing level 5
Once you have your four crystals, you need to transport them
in the portal. Place crystals 1 and 3 (numbered in the order
that they appear), pass them, and put crystal 1 in the portal.
Go back with crystal 3 and switch it with crystal 2 and 4.
Pass them and put them in the portal. Take crystal 1 and go
back. Take crystals 1 and 3 in the portal. Another crystal
will appear there. Click on crystals 1 and 3 and you are done.

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