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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Cheats

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Godcat in Epic Mode:
Written by ARandomPage.

This guide is about beating Godcat on Epic. I had easy times with this game,
so apologies if it doesn’t work. Disclaimer: This is made for V2 and assumes
you have Battle Mountain equips (go on Easy if you must). I’ve used this
strategy twice before, so it should work.

-=Phase 0: Equips=-
These equips are suboptimal, but I don’t want to strategize too much.

Anna: Default set, Angel Wing/Black Widow depending on what you’re fighting,
Green Cross, Silver Cross, Peace Sticker
Matt: Default set, Equilibrium, Cursed Charm, Target Badge, Golden Pentagram
Natz: Pope set, Crystal Staff, Lightning Badge, Iron Cross, Gold Star
Lance: Default set, Accelerator, Pocket Watch, Angel Pin, Triforce

-=Phases 1, 3, and 5: Final Break-
Keep Protect, Barrier, and optionally Reflex on throughout the whole fight,
never letting them below 50% if possible. If you do this and heal as needed,
Waves 1, 3, and 5 should be easy. Use Guardian or switch to backup if one
character needs rebuffing.

-=Phase 2: THE CREATOR!=-
The real start of the fight. The Creator will charge up and defend herself, so
you’ll want to Dispel her and Ancient Monolith your team. Optimally, whoever has
Purify should be in backup so they can remove the Syphon. She can Dispel you
occasionally, but this isn’t that bad due to backup and Guardian. Absolute Zero
is unexpected but isn’t too hard to deal with. However, she can Freeze you with
this, so make sure to heal whoever’s frozen. Protip, food items cure Freeze.
Eventually, the Creator will go down, and you’ll get another break. Be ready,
as the harder of the two Godcats comes next.

-=Phase 4: THE DESTROYER!=-
The Destroyer will Bite or her fight turn and do this randomly later. Do not
let her keep Berserk status for the next turn. If you’ve been playing correctly,
you should have a spare turn for some Ice damage. The Destroyer can Burn you,
Poison you, summon Crystals to buff her attacks, and debuff you, so this part
requires lots of maintenance on your end. Make sure to Purify once in a while.
Supernova is once again unexpected, but survivable, and once you survive that
and defeat the Destroyer… use the last break you’ll ever get to prepare for the
final and hardest part of the best videogame battle I’ve ever witnessed.

Both of them at once. Get through this, and you will finish the fight.
Lose, and the planet as we know it dies with you…

You’ll want to kill the Destroyer first due to its superior offensive
capabilities. The Creator shouldn’t be doing too much damage, just remember
to Defend once she charges. Strats from Phases 2 and 4 should work here.
Watch out for their Limit Breaks!… I didn’t. After the Destroyer is dead and
you’re buffed up again, the fight is essentially over, though the Creator is
no pushover…

-=Phase 7: We… survived!=-
This is the official end to the fight. Godcat will comment on your superiority
to cats. For maximum “Enough of this!” energy, you should either buff and heal
or attack Godcat.

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