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Epic Pinball Cheats

Epic Pinball

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter one of the codes below to activate its function.

Fuction Code
Control ball with cursor keys – Esc + J + N
Display Sound and Graphics Level – Esc + F9 + N
Display Border – Esc + F9
Screen capture to screen.pcx – Esc + F10
Control Two Balls – Esc + B + J
Request parameter prompt – Esc + F1
Nudge the table – Space
Nudge table left – Z
Nudge table right – /
Lock right flipper – X
Lock right flipper – >

Six balls:
Move the cursor over “number of balls” in Options Menu and push [F1].

Looser ball physics:
Highlight 9 Ball in 1P mode, and press [F5].

Extra Ball:
Using Version 2.0 of the game (all 3 packs), press ESC – B – N to get
an extra ball drop in at the center of the table.

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