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Exodus from the Earth Cheats

Exodus from the Earth

Submitted by: Alpi
Email: Alpi77.end@gmail.com

Search for “keyboard.cfg” in your user files for exodus – on win7 its located in
“c:usersyour name- name of the computer userdocumentsexodus”.
Backup “keyboard.cfg” – Copy it to another location in case you want to use it again.
Now add following lines at the end of “keybord.cfg” – use notepad or similar program:

key KP_1 “pl_god 1” “”
key KP_2 “pl_noDie 1” “”
key KP_3 “pl_infiniteAmmo 1” “”
key KP_4 “pl_notarget 1” “”
key KP_5 “pl_god 0” “”
key KP_6 “pl_noDie 0” “”
key KP_7 “pl_infiniteAmmo 0” “”
key KP_8 “pl_notarget 0” “”

Save the file. In game use numbers on numpad 1-8 for cheats:

Key Effect
1 – god mode on
2 – infinite health on
3 – infinite ammo on
4 – dumb enemies on
5 – god mode off
6 – infinite health off
7 – infinite ammo off
8 – dumb enemies off

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Go to the game file and open with notepad:

Then add these to the end of the file:

pl_god 1
pl_noDie 1
pl_infiniteAmmo 1
pl_notarget 1

Then save the file. You must Start a new game for these to work. Your weapon ammo won’t
drop or your health. The enemies will also ignore you. Remove any of these codes if you
wish to not have their effect.

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