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Expeditions: Viking Cheats

Expeditions: Viking

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

At the overworld map (not during battles), press the ” – ” key (next to 0) and type
one of the commands as listed. Then press Enter.

Code Effect
setmorale (firstname) # – Change a certain character’s morale.
give party Herbs # – Give yourself more herbs (number is optional)
give party (resource name) # – Gives selected resource to player
kill (firstname) – Kill a certain follower
remove (firstname) – Remove a certain follower from your party
illuminati – Display all plot variables.
devmode – Enable teleportation with the T key.
giveitem (ItemName) # – Give yourself a certain inventory item (# is optional).
giveequipment # – Give yourself more equipment.
givexp # – Give yourself more experience.
giveherbs # – Give yourself more herbs.
givemeat # – Give yourself more meat.
givemedicine # – Give yourself more medicine.
givemetal # – Give yourself more metal.
giveoil # – Give yourself more oil.
giverations # – Give yourself more rations.
giverope # – Give yourself more rope.
givevaluables # – Give yourself more valuables.
givewood # – Give yourself more wood.
smite (firstname) – Injure a certain character.
thespanishinquisition – Injure all followers.
kill (firstname) – Kill a certain follower.
vontrier – Release camera from the player character.
remove (firstname) – Remove a certain follower from your party.
tordenskjold – Restore all injured followers to health.
return (firstname) – Return an absent follower to your party.

If the code contains a #, replace it with whatever number you want.

Note: Every character has a special ID in the code. You’ll need to know a character’s
back-end name to use a character-specific cheat on them.
For example in the case of Ketill: setmorale Followers/Wolf 10

Nefja – Followers/ShieldMaiden
Ketill – Followers/Wolf
Asleifr – Followers/VanquishedFoe
Røskva – Followers/Witch
Gunnarr – Followers/Berserk
Eydis – Followers/Valkyrie

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