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Fallen Earth Classic Cheats

Fallen Earth Classic

Submitted by: David K.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Written by lord sleeze

Over the years, new players generally ask the same questions back to back, as
the game doesn’t give much oversight into specific things. This game has a
high learning curve, and while its alright to ask questions, it gets tiring
answering the same questions back to back. So here’s a simple FAQ to help new
players with their introduction to Fallen Earth.

-=How do I fast travel?=-
You can fast travel to any blue running man symbol on the map, if you have
visited and activated the terminal prior.

-=How 2 horse?
Finish your starting bunker quests after the tutorial, after the ammo quest you
will recieve a bridle (looks like a horseshoe) in the usable section of your

Use that outside and you will spawn your horse.

-=How do I find my mount?
You can tow your mount at a garage, find a garage by going N -> General -> find
closest garage.

Sometimes you will also spawn with mounts or vehicles already in your garage,
this is a bug.

-=Where should I put my AP?
Generally all builds require at mid/endgame:

* First Aid.
* Empathic.
* Armor use + endurance to raise its max.
* Intelligence + percep for crafting maxes if youre a crafter.
* 1 weapon skill.
* 1 aura skill/mutation.
* All the rest is up to your desired playstyle.

-=How do I increase inventory size?
You cant, there was old items that did but were removed with marketplace.

You can however upgrade your sector and barter vaults once you have all tradeskills
195 and buy the required general books.

-=Why are my new weapons not doing damage?
You need to have a minimum rifle/melee/pistol skill to be able to use a weapon to
its full potential. Raise the associated skill to its min required lvl of the weapon.

Going over the min will decrease your crosshair size.

-=Tell me about vaults?
* 4 Global vaults each 64 slots, sector (most common in every town), barter, vip,
and utility.
* Each are global to the same kind, generally you will only find vip and util in
sector capitals.
* They are marked by a bank vault on the map, they are all personal unshared vaults.

-=How to unlock wardrobe?
The vendor infront of the auctionhouse @ embry crossroads sells for 16b.

-=How can I craft non slugthrower weapons?
Once you have 30 ballistics, you can begin crafting components and advanced weapons.
Component and rifle/pistol books can be found @ embry from the ballistics trainer
on the NE side.

-=What do I loose in pvp?
On death you will loose equipment durability and gain a -xp buff for the next 5 mins,
no items lost.

-=How do i auto loot?
Shift-clicking nodes or bodies will auto loot all items.

-=How do I close all UI?
Alt + F10.

-=How do I take a screenshot?
Alt + Q for ingame, F12 if using game thru steam.

-=How do i get scrap fasteners?
They cannot be crafted or found like other components.
You can either loot 50x boxes from specific enemies, or buy from merchant

-=Where can i get pens and paper?
Paper from tech nodes, and graves, and both can be bought from sci merchants.
Sci trainers sell schematics for paper and pens.

-=How do i see or make waypoints?
* Use /waypoint x y.
* Or use Alt + P menu.

-=Where is the garage in embry?
Theres no technical garage, but you can find one nearby to the north or towards mumford.

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