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Farm Frenzy 2 Cheats

Farm Frenzy 2

On 1000000 gold:
Submitted by: francis

In level 8 you must have something like chiken,pig or a cow right about the tip
dont buy enithing but first click at your cart and sell all your animals and if
you can buy a pig or a cow buy then DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT buy anithing. Just grow
some flower and take the milk that they drop.only buy if you have 10,000 coin.
Buy the cow and keep takeing the milk then sell all of the milk then you will
have mabey you will have 10,00 or 20,000 coins then upgrade your cart and keep
going the same thing that i told you then if you will be atack just keep clicking
the bear and put him on the storage room then seeeeeellll them all take and take
and take and take and take the milk sell them all if you get 70,000 or more then
buy an ostrich ok you get wath i am saying. Then take the fethers and just take
the fethers. WARNING GAURD YOUR OSTRICH!! Then just keep takeing the freathers
gogogogogogogogogogogo! catshing
ccccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your
rich filthy stinking rich so thats the tip for the day remember alwas trus at me
if you want to complane some thing just e-mail me at francisgrantjamero@yahoo.com
posted by me francis bey.

Fast produce:
On the game if the house shaking, click on it couple times it will be faster
enough to produce bread or meat or anything. (depend of the raw material)

Pork Street 1 (Gold):
You start off with $800, all you need is to buy a pig so, you’re $200 away from
affording it. So, don’t buy anything. Grizzly Bears and Pandas will come, when
they do, catch a Grizzly and a Panda (Two Grizzlies won’t fit at the same time)
then send it to the market (that’s $180). When you clear the storage, put the
other Grizzley in.
When the cart comes back, send that to the market (that’s $120) At the end of
everything. You should have $1100. That would be enough to buy a pig…now all
you have to do is wait for the pork.

You might want to wait a while after the cart returns from the second trip.
Because right after is another attack. You won’t want to risk losing the pig after
you paid $1000 for it.

Easy money:
Start the first level. Finish it and exit the game. Enter the directory:
“C:Documents and SettingsAll Usersapplication dataFarmFrenzy2profiles”.
Find any file with “00000” at the beginning and look at the modified
date and time. The latest one will be your profile. Use a text editor to edit
that file. Search for the money entry. The second value of money will be the
amount in the bank. Change it to the desired amount.

Submitted by: Muhammad kashif
Email: geniopus_k@hotmail.com

You can replay a level at any time if you need more coins or if you just want to
obtain a higher score.
At the beginning of some levels you will be asked to go into the shop and buy the
item that the arrow is pointing to. If you can’t afford to buy it you will not be
able to start that level until you have enough stars.
At that point you will have to replay some other levels in order to earn some more
gold and stars. As soon as you’ve earned enough, go back to the shop, buy the needed
upgrade and open the level that you need.

When you look at the map, you’ll see that the icons for the levels have different
colors. The ones that are lit in blue and are blank are the ones that you can play.
The ones that are empty and gray inside mean that you need to purchase an upgrade
in order to play it.
When you see an icon with a gold icon with a duck it means that you hit the gold
target for that day. If the icon with the duck is gray then it means that you hit
the silver target for that day. If the icon that has a duck is blue, it means that
you simply passed the level.
You need to pick up goods as soon as they are ready, if you don’t they will disappear
and you will not earn any coins for products lost. As soon as you see some products
flashing it means that you have very few seconds to pick it up.
The animals need grass to eat and produce goods for you to take into town and sell.
Whenever the farm is low on grass make sure to irrigate the soil.

You should really make sure that your well is full at all times. You don’t want to
waste time by waiting for it to fill. As soon as the well runs dry, buy some more
water so it can be ready for the next round. Max out the well upgrade so you can
get more water in one sitting.
The blue bars under the animals show you how full and content they are. When the
animals run out of food their bars will start decreasing and will start flashing.
Once their bar runs out, the animals will die. Get them some grass before that
You can look at your goal for the day in the lower right corner any time you need a
reminder of what they are.
Once you’ve made a product that counts toward your goal you can sell it right away.
I made the mistake of waiting for the goal to be filled before I sold any of my
products. Needless to say my truck and the warehouse filled up very quickly.
When you meet your gold goal for the day you will get a significantly higher amount
of stars than when you only earn a silver star.
Achieving the gold goal can be tough at times but with some proper planning it can
be achieved. It may take replaying some levels in order to do it.

Each day will begin with different buildings and different animals on the farm.
Some buildings will be ready to go and some will need upgrades to produce a higher
When the items fall from the airplane you don’t have to wait until it reaches the
ground before you collect them. Click on them while they are in the sky, if you have
enough space they will go directly into the warehouse.
Even if an animal is standing in front of a product you can still click through them
to get it, especially if the item is flashing and is about to disappear.

When you sell an item by placing it on the truck, you will not get paid for it until
the truck reaches its drop off location.
You can place items in the stores even before you pick up the goods that were
produced. For example, you can place some more eggs in the powdered egg factory
before you pick up the bags of powdered egg that are ready.
When goods have been processed and they are outside waiting to be picked up, you
don’t have to click on them individually. Highlight the group of goods and whatever
is highlighted will be picked up with just one click.

There are two types of bonus goals, gold and silver.
If you look at the clock in the bottom right corner you will notice that a timer is
counting up. The number on the right can be gold or silver.
When the time is in gold it means that you have a specific amount of time in which
to meet the gold goal.
If you meet the gold goal you will earn a lot of stars which are needed to buy things.
If you fail to meet your gold goal then the bar will turn to silver and the time will
continue to count upwards thus giving you a second goal to achieve.
In order to win the bonus stars you must meet your goal before both timers have the
same time. In other words, if the silver timer says that the goal has to be completed
in 4 minutes or less, then it has to be done within that amount of time.

Before you begin any level, you should take a moment and look at your goals for the
day and the supplies have been provided for you. This is a game of strategy; if you
don’t plan ahead your chances of failing a level will increase.
All animals and buildings on your farm at the beginning of a level will
NOT be needed.
Some items are placed there to throw you off balance and some are there to
help you raise money.
Just because some animals are on your farm it doesn’t mean that you will use
them. Sell the animals that you don’t need in order to accumulate some extra
cash that you can use towards buying other things.
In levels in which you don’t have a lot of money, capture and sell as many bears
as possible for some quick cash.
As you get higher up in levels you want to capture less bears and sell items that
will provide you with more cash instead.
The bears can take up a lot of space on the truck and selling them is not always
beneficial to you when you can carry more expensive items in the truck instead.
There are some levels in which you get an unusually high amount of bears on the
farm at one time. In those cases you want to purchase several dogs to help you
keep the bears at bay.
Upgrade the cage for the bears so that you can capture them in as few clicks as
possible. This can help you contain the bears much faster and it minimizes the
chances of the bears taking animals or destroying goods.
Upgrade your wells to the maximum amount so that it will hold more water at one
Upgrading your warehouse to hold the most amount of items will prevent you from
losing money due to goods that are on the ground which cannot fit in the warehouse.
Once you’re able to place more items in the warehouse, you will be able to carry
more goods into the city when you upgrade your truck as well.
Make sure that you upgrade your dogs as you get higher in levels. A well trained
dog can help you control the bears better than the dogs that have not been upgraded
Not all buildings need to be upgraded to their maximum potential in order to be
useful to you. Only upgrade the building to the capacity of what is needed for a
specific level.
Buy the cats and place them on your farm when you can afford them. The cats will
help you collect items that are on the ground and they automatically kick them
into the warehouse.
It is great to have more than one cat in levels in which you have a lot of goods
to pick up, especially when you have a lot of eggs to pick up which can be hard
to see in the grass.
In levels in which you start off with no money and you need to feed the animals
that are on the farm, you need to sell one or more of your animals the second
that trucks falls to the ground.
The reason you want to do this right away is because you do not want the animals
to run out of grass, starve and die. Since the truck can take a long time to
deliver the goods, doing it right away will ensure that the money is deposited
just in time for you to fill the well again.
At the beginning of a level place your grass at the bottom of the screen.
Most bears will fall in the middle of the screen or at the top. When you place
the grass at the bottom of the screen, you lessen the chances of a bear getting
to your animal quickly.
If you look at the top of your playing field you will see all the animals that
you can place on your farm. The animals are placed on the screen from left to
right, from lowest to highest. The more expensive an animal is, the more coins
you will earn when you sell their goods.
For example, a bottle of milk will earn you 1,000 coins while a piece of ham
will net you 200 coins. If you have a money goal to meet, choose an animal that
produces more expensive goods in order to meet your goal faster.
In levels in which you need to bring supplies in with the airplane make sure
that you buy those goods right away since it can be easy to forget to buy them.
Not doing so in time could be the reason why you don’t finish a goal in time.
Hover your mouse over a building and see how many of a particular product it can
hold. Let’s say the meat market can hold 5 cuts of pork, then make sure you have
5 cuts of pork in the warehouse before you click on it.
When you place the maximum amount of raw goods in a processing plant your
production will move a lot faster, which in turn will help you meet your goals
Upgrade your cage as soon as you can. You want to be able to cage the bears in
as few clicks as possible. It will save you a lot of time and it will allow you
to take care of other things when you can cage the bears quickly.
Try not to have your warehouse too full at all times. You don’t want to lose
goods that are ready simply because you could not fit it. You especially don’t
want to have the warehouse too full when you’re trying to make the gold target
and your time is running out.
In levels in which you need to raise a lot of cash, buy the most expensive animal
you can afford and process their raw materials to earn even more money. For
example, buy the cow and use its milk to make sour cream and then butter. Each
process that raw a material goes through increases the amount of money it will
sell for considerably.
If you need to raise a certain amount of money, do not be afraid to sell some
of your animals at the end of a level. Selling animals once you’ve gotten all
the goods you need out of them will help you make your monetary goals faster.
Restart a level if you feel that you will not make your goal. Click on the
“menu” button and then click on the “restart” button and start over at any time
during the game. You can also choose any level to replay while you’re in the map
You get to keep all the points and stars you earn each time you replay a level,
which can really help you get the points you need to buy upgrades.
In levels in which you only need to make only one of a certain type of product,
you don’t need to buy a lot of animals to reach your goal.
For example, if all you need to make is one cake, buy one chicken and sell it as
soon as it produces an egg or two (second one for back up)
Then you can concentrate on making your next product. This strategy can be used
when you don’t need to raise a lot of cash. If you need to raise some money then
you can add chickens or keep them for a longer period of time.

You will see a variety of signs around a building, some will let you know
what they make and others will let you know how much the next upgrade costs.
The sign above a building will have a picture of what products it makes inside.
The signs on the side of a building will let you know how much the next upgrade
costs. Each upgrade that you buy for a building will increase the quantity of
products it will make in one sitting.
In levels in which you have many products to make at once upgrade your shop to
the max as soon as you can afford it.
Once the sign is blue it means that you have enough money to purchase it. If
the sign is grey then you need to raise some more money before it becomes available.
In order to get the buildings you may have to sell some animals and goods so
you can afford it.
If you need to know what ingredients a shop requires to make a product, however
your mouse over a building and you will be able to see what the requirements are.

Some buildings have 2 signs on them, each one will have a different purpose.
Be careful of which sign you choose because if you choose the wrong one,
you will waste money especially when it’s a building you cannot use.
Let’s suppose that you have a building that can make cakes and can also
package meat. The cake factory will cost you less to open than the meat packaging
will, so build the cake one first.
Use the animals that will produce all the raw materials that go into the cake
before you make things that go into the meat packaging.
Once you build the cake factory make sure that you’ve met your cake goals for
that day before you destroy the factory and build the meat packaging.
When there are several signs on a building it can be easy to make a mistake and
click on the wrong thing. take your time and make sure that you have the right thing
before you click on it.
On one occasion I clicked on a sign by mistake and it destroyed my more expensive
shop for a cheaper one, 4,000 vs 150. I had to start the level over because at
that point I couldn’t afford to replace the building without losing my advantage
in the game.

The Truck takes products to the city.
Each time you hear the sound of a horn blowing it means that the truck has
come back from making a delivery.
Upgrade the truck to hold more goods in levels in which you need to generate
a lot of cash. A bigger truck will allow you to make more money because more
items are being carried into the city in one sitting.
When you max out your truck upgrade, not only will you carry more goods into
the city, it will also get there in a short amount of time.
Fill your truck with the items that will net you the most money at once. Place
processed good in the truck over raw materials. For example place butter in a
truck over a bottle of milk.

You will have the plane bring in goods from the city.
Your plane will bring in items that you cannot grow on the farm.
In order to buy products from the plane, you will have to click on the plane
and then choose the items that you need from the pop-up window.
You can click on the button with the number one as many times as you like or
you can buy goods in increments of 1, 5 or 10.
Since in the early stages the plane is rather slow you may want to get those
goods in early in the day since it can be very easy to forget to order them since
it’s not on the ground.
Upgrade your plane so you can hold more items at once and so that you can have
the items delivered to your faster.
Items that fall from the plane can be clicked to go into the warehouse while they
are still in the air, they do not have to be on the ground to do so.

Here is a list of some of the animals that you will encounter in Farm Frenzy 2
along with a brief description of their benefits on the farm.
Each animal serves a different purpose, some will help you in your quest, others
will destroy things and the rest will produce some goods for you.
In order to play this game well you have to know what each animal produces, what
their by-products make and what goes into which machine.
All animals eat grass and must be fed constantly, if you don’t feed them in time,
they will die.Make sure to keep your water well full at all times.
The more expensive it is to buy an animal, the more money you will get for its raw
materials. In turn those raw goods will produce even more money once they are

Bears catch animals and they toss them around, they can also destroy products.
You have to catch them right away to keep them from making too much damage. In
order to catch the bear you have to click on it repeatedly and a cage will
appear. The faster you click, the faster the bear will be in its cage.
The cage has to be completely built in order to detain the bear. Once the cage
is complete, click on it one more time and the bear will automatically go to the
warehouse, at which point you can place it on your truck and take it to be sold.
Upgrade your cage as soon as you can afford it so you can cage the bear in the
least amount of clicks.
If you click on the cage and the bear is not moving, it is because your warehouse
is full and cannot fit anything else in it. Take some goods to the city and once
the truck is back, you can place the bear in it.
You don’t always have to sell the bear. If you don’t need to sell the bear, just
let it sit in the cage and it will eventually go away into the woods.
If two bears are next to each other you can cage them at the same time. Just click
on them and two cages will start building around each one of the bears.
When the warehouse is full and you want to keep the bear from leaving the farm
before the truck returns, click on the cage slowly. It will slow down the caging
process and keep that bear there until the truck returns. Once the warehouse is
empty again, click on the cage to place the bear inside for the next load.
The bigger the bear is the more money you will get for it when you sell it. Try
to cage the bears that are bigger so you can make more money when you sell them.
There are signs that alert you that a bear is on its way, even before they hit the
ground.First, you will see a spot appear on the ground which gets bigger as the bear
is closer to the ground. Next You will hear the bear making noise as it’s falling
to the ground. Be ready to cage the bear as soon as it lands.

They drive away bears.
Placing dogs on your farm will help you control the bears that fall from the sky.
Dogs are great animals to buy in levels where you have a constant flow of bears
that are landing on your farm. They will keep the bears in a corner until you can
get to them.
The dogs are pretty good in the early stages at keeping the bears away from the
animals but you can buy upgrades that will make your dogs even better at their job.
Upgrade the dogs as soon as possible so you can use them to keep the bears away
in the levels which have a lot of bears.

The cats will help you pick up the goods that the animals or the factories have
The cats are very cute to watch, they go around kicking goods into the warehouse,
which is a big help.
In the beginning stages the cats will kick a lot of the goods into the warehouse
but they will also miss a few. Make sure that in the early stages that you click
on whatever the cat has missed or the products will disappear after a short time.

Some Tweaks & wow:
Submitted by: Shekhar
Email: crgawali@yahoo.com

I have done this in WIN XP only.
1. Go to c:Documents & SettingsAll UsersApplication DataFarm Frenzy 2Profiles
You’ll see files with name 00000001.xml (file name depends upon # of user names you added
in the game).
It’s really fun if you create a fresh new name in game.
Edit this file in Notepad (Right Click & Open With…).
Now search for string “GoldMoney” you’ll see it’s value 0 (I’m considering that you have
selected a new player name) change this value to anything like 100000. These are the
Stars that are require to purchase upgrade in Shop. You’ll be able to purchase all the
upgrades now!

2. To achieve Gold in all levels set Level value of all the levels to 0 in the same file.

3. To achieve some difficult awards change the value of “Award*.*” in second appearance
to 1 except “AwardCollectAllAwards”.

There is a lot RnD you can do in this file & have fun!!!

98000000 coins and 100000000000 stars:
Submitted by: Ryan
Email : iman.alfarisi@ymail.com

At the beginning finish the first level and finish it with golden icon in the duck head.
At level 2 adopt 4 pig 2 cow 1 ostrich.

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