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Farm Life: Natures Adventure Cheats

Farm Life: Natures Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Interact with the Lii U next to your TV in your home to be able to enter cheats.
Note that these disable Achievements (aside from one for using a cheat, which
you can get by simply entering “Fixthisbug” as a password).

Password Effect
Mayorissac – Become the town mayor.
Speedygonzales – Double gameplay speed
(may have adverse effects on devices with performance issues)
Farmlifer – Infinite money.
Moneymaker – Obtain $5,000.
Mylittlepony – Overwrites animals in the barn with 3 horses.
Chickenchaser – Overwrites animals in the coop with 8 chickens.
Slowmedown – Reverts the Speedygonzales cheat.
(returns the game to normal speed)
Letitgo – Turns the season to winter; it’ll snow.

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