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Final Fantasy 15 Cheats

Final Fantasy 15

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter a battle and take a substantial amount of damage. Then, find a spot to
teleport and regenerate your HP and MP it has to be one where Noctis basically
hangs there with his sword. Execute a companion technique while you are
regenerating your HP and MP (Prompto’s Stinger works well). When the short QTE
for the follow-up strike occurs, execute it. You have to not have fully
regenerated your HP and MP by this point for the exploit to work. HP and MP
regeneration will now keep happening until you end the game or load a save.
Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It will
probably eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit,
either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the
patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the
internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches.

Apocalypse Greatsword:
1.The Apocalypse is the best weapon with attack of 597 and boosts HP up to 403.
In order to get the Apocalypse greatsword, you need to complete the full story
2.After that you need to get the Dungeon Seal Key by completing the specific
dungeons. Once you have got the key, you need to take on the quest called A
Menace Sleeps in Balouve.
3.After taking the quest, go to the Balouve Mines dungeon. In the dungeon, you
will come across the boss whom you need to defeat.
4.The enemies here are level 75 so if you are lower in level make sure to use
some legendary weapons. Near to that place you will find a small gap in the
wall, in which you will find the secret dungeon door.
5.Enter inside and keep going until you come across Apocalypse. You will find
it on the floor at the first camp site which is found 5 floors down to the
place you are right now.

Quick Tips:
* Items are very important in the early game so stock up on Potions, Elixirs
and more.
* Use Elixirs to replenish your maximum HP after dropping into a Danger state.
* Take cover behind objects to replenish HP and MP.
* If you Warp (Triangle or Y) to a higher vantage point you will replenish
your MP.
* Use the Wait combat mode and press and hold R1 or RB to determine a target’s
strengths and weaknesses.
* Don’t forget to check the Ascension menu when you have AP in order to learn
new skills for Noctis and his friends.
* To use magic spells you need to craft them in the Elemancy menu.
* If you’re doing a lot of running, turn on the Stamina bar in the Options
* Stop by every diner and talk to the person behind the counter to add new
locations to you map.
* Talk to the diner manager to accept hunting quests for XP and gil.

How to Get Infinite HP And MP:
* Take some damage from enemies on purpose.
* Warp to a ‘Point Warp’.
* When you are regenerating, use a technique.
* Now the Point Warp regen effect will stay with you even outside battle.
* Note that this bug will go away if you restart the game, load a new game
or fast travel long distances.

Infinite AP:
This exploit allows you to get 1,000 AP every 30 minutes. First, have the following
items and the Armiger Action Ascension Node:
Armiger Accelerator: Included in the paid Holiday Pack DLC.
Blitzer’s Fanfare: Included in the paid Holiday Pack DLC.
Shield Of The Just: Found in the Royal Tomb, west of the Disc, in Thommel’s Glade.
Warrior’s Fanfare: Included in the free Holiday Pack DLC.

Once you have those items and Ascension Node equipped, complete the following steps:

1.Go to The Three Valleys and find the area where a pack of dogs spawns.
2.Use the Whistle Command to summon enemies.
3.Wait until Battle Mode activates, then use Warp Strikes to kill the dogs.
4.Immediately after killing the dogs, activate Armiger Accelerator. This gives you +1 AP.
Wait until the battle is over to activate it or you will deplete Armiger.
5.With the “Warrior’s Fanfare” and “Blitzer’s Fanfare” activated, you will get +3 AP
for defeating enemies with A+ Timing and Offense. This require good timing with Warp
Strikes – so it may take some practice.
6.As soon as the +AP number appears, whistle to summon another pack of dogs. If you do
not summon immediately after the pack is defeated, you will have to wait until the
report card is complete.
7.Repeat this process as many times as desired to earn an unlimited amount of AP.

Note: This exploit works after Patch 1.03. To avoid not being able to use this exploit,
either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You
can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready
for the game to install new patches.

How to Get a Chocobo:
Written by Ifuckedup

How to get a Chocobo, just for new players who are yet to arrive in Chapter 3 or are
confused, you can’t miss it really.

In chapter 3 you have Prompto asking if they can go to the Chocobo post, which triggers
the quest, after that you talk with the owner of the chocobo post, which says that a
monster has been troubling them, this boss can be hard depending on how you play or
your level and gear, after that they give you access to the Chocobos, which you can
rent for 50 gil a day, then you get a whistle which you can use to call the Chocobo
anywhere. It makes traveling easier than with the car because you can go anywhere
with the chocobo without any restrictions.

The Don’t Sell These Treasures List:
Written by Wrathra

Coming straight from the Official Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide, here is a list
of treasures (either dropped by monsters or found in the world), that you should not sell.

They are needed to either complete quests or to upgrade weapons.

* Metal Scrap
* Rusted Bits
* Dynamo
* Magitek Core
* Glass Gemstone
* Earth Gemstone
* Sky Gemstone
* Magnetron
* Monster Claw
* Cylinder
* Coreurl Whiskers
* Barbed Scythe
* Cactuar Needle
* Spiked Armor
* Sturdy Helixhorn
* Repair Kit

P.S. All other monster treasures are okay to sell for loot.

The list of monster dropped items is a lot larger than that, but according to the guide
they serve no purpose other than to get gill.

There are ingredients and treasures that would be a good idea to horde, to give big effects
to spells but other than that it appears the list is rather short, for stuff to keep and
don’t sell.

Max Out Every Skill (Cooking, Fishing, Photos, Survival):
Written by SaS MaKaVeLi

There are four skill trees in Final Fantasy 15 — each with their own benefits. Cooking
allows you to create delicious dishes at camp sites to buff your team before battle,
while survival skills unlock bigger combat rewards. Fishing can net you some sweet seafood,
and photography is all about appreciating the fantastic environments.

Here you’ll find tips to reach Level 10 in all four categories.

Beware, some of these will take days of real-time work to complete, even when you’re
using every tip and trick available to make things (slightly) easier. Whatever the case,
here are some ways you can grind out those skills. I recommend that you start with
Cooking first and Survival second, but you should start working on all of these skills
early and often.

Each of your four main characters has a skill – cooking, fishing, photography, and
survival. To increase these skills, you’ll need to do the following activities:

Cooking skill – Increases every time you cook a meal at a campsite.
Fishing skill – Increases when you catch fish at lakes.
Photography skill – Increases when you take pictures.
Survival skill – Increases as you run around the environment.

There are individual tricks to make these skills easier to increase. Let’s go over
each one, and how you can reach Level 10 with the least amount of effort.

-=Cooking Skill=-
It doesn’t matter what type of food you cook to increase the cooking skill — start
with the basic ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’ and cook it about 60-75~ times to completely
max out this skill, unlocking the best recipes in the game.

* Purchase Luncheon Meats (100 Gil)
* From vendors in Lestallum.
* Buy about 60-75~ meats then you’ll need them to cook ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’
* Cook 60-75~ ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’ using (1) Luncheon Meat per cook.
* Using this method, you can max out the cooking skill in about 20 minutes of grinding.

-=Fishing Skill
To improve your fishing skill fast, you’ll need to catch lots of rare fish.
To do this, you’ll need the best fishing equipment and a great spot to fish is the
Vesperpool fits the bill on both counts.

* Purchase high-level reel and fishing rod from the Vesperpool fishing shop.
* Equip and start fishing at Vesperpool. The more rare fish you catch the better.
* Take a break at a campsite to increase your rank to make catching easier.
* Continue to catch!
* Vesperpool is the best fishing spot in Final Fantasy 15.
* If you’re willing to dump 3-5~ hours (depending on your luck) then you’ll max
out this skill.

-=Photography Skill=-
The toughest skill to max is photography. Right away, you’ll want to unlock the
ability to take combat photos.

* Purchase the Snapshot Ascension to take photos during combat.
* This costs one Tech Bar.
* Purchase Tech Strike / Tech Damage / Quick Tech to recharge your Tech Bar faster.

To fully max this skill, you’ll need to take pictures during every combat encounter,
every time Prompto gets a Tech Bar. That’s going to take a long time, but there’s
another way — one that requires a little less input.

You’ll need to roughly take about 1,200 pictures to completely max out your
photography skill. Thankfully photography isn’t that useful, so maxing it out doesn’t
have to be a priority. No matter what, it will take a very long time.

-=Survival Skill=-
Survival will also take a very long time to complete, You don’t need to sprint, just
moving around is enough to get what you need and he will grab random iteams up and
this will help level his skill up.

As you and your the team run around for a full day or more, depending on your
progress in the story. You’ll do lots of running as you play, so this will be
unlocked naturally during the story — the game in total takes about 50~ hours to
complete, and the survival skill requires about 25-30~ hours of running.

To speed things up, you can also use the infinite sprinting trick. With Noctis,
just as you’re about to run out of stamina, press the sprint button again — wait
for him to slightly straighten up, then hit sprint to refill your stamina bar

How To Run FFXV in Borderless Windowed Mode (Fullscreen Borderless):
To fix this all you need to do is change one statement in “GraphicsConfig.ini”.
The full steps to do that is provided below.

1.Go to “UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XVSteamXXXXXXXsavestorage”
i.e the location of your savestorage
2.In this location, you will get “GraphicsConfig.ini” file.
Right Click and select the option EDIT With Notepad.
3.Search for “HardwareFullScreenMode”.
This option will be set as “1” i.e. it will be written as “HardwareFullScreenMode=1”
4.You have to replace it with “HardwareFullScreenMode=0”
i.e. in place of HardwareFullScreenMode=1
you will have to put HardwareFullScreenMode=0
5.Save and Enjoy.

NOTE: Few things that you need to remember here – The file “GraphicsConfig.ini” will
appear only after you make few changes to the graphics setting. So if you are not
finding the GraphicsConfig.ini file at the above mention location then do some changes
to the graphics setting, just place with some default values, save and exit, and then
look for “GraphicsConfig.ini” file at the above mention location.

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