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Flash Trek – Broken Mirror Cheats

Flash Trek – Broken Mirror

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To open the cheat box press [F8]. Do not press Enter when you get the
code put in press the button on the bottom right of the cheat box.
Here is a list of all the cheats:

Cheats Effect

Imgood – Makes the planet you are in like you.
imbad – Makes the planet hate you.
everyonelovesme – Makes all the planets like you.
everyonehatesme – Makes all the planets hate you.
inclat – Gives you 1000 more latinum.
maxlat – Raises you latinum to 999999.
maxdur – Raises your durainium to 999999.
getinthebooth – All planets owned by earth.
allknowing – Raises some of your skills to 1000.
urmine – Makes the planet you are in owned by you even if it
is already owned.

Best Ships:
How to unlock the best ships

Unlockable How
Dreadnaught class – conquer the galaxy for Earth Empire.
Klingon Qonos – conquer the galaxy for klingons.
Cardassian Behemoth – conquer the galaxy for cardassians.
Vulcan Lifeform – conquer the galaxy for vulcans.
Romulan Warhawk – conquer the galaxy for romulans.

Submitted by: Nolan Kadinger

Gives 999999 latinum,999999 deranium, raises all purchasable experience points to 1000,
and raises the planets prestige to 100.

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