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Football Manager 2007 Cheats

Football Manager 2007

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dragan Hadzi-Manchev

There are several players that you can buy for cheap:
– Carlos Vela – Great Attacer
– Andres Guardado – Great AML
– Zuniga – Young but graet FC
– Goran Pandev After two years he will sccore 40 goals a season…

Quality Players:
Submitted by: Da Man

Pablo (Ath.Madrid)
L.Baines (Wigan)
L.Modric (dinamo)
jo (CSKA Moscow)

Submitted by:Aviansh

hey men when you are playing with Man utd always play with 4-4-2 attacking system.
Add new user of Intermilan and Valencia and buy Adriano,Cambiaso and David villa.
If they don’t want to come fine them again and again.It is better to sell Louis Saha
and give others loan.With this player i won all the cups and is Champion of Europe.
But do sell your reserve player.

Some of the future stars are you must buy are.
Marcelo from fluminise
Sherman Cardenes(must Buy)
Leandro lima
bojan(15 years old Barcelona St Add new user to barcelona to buy)
Nicolas Millian(14 years St)
Fellype Gabriel
Patricia Araujo
Marcelo Grohe (Gk)
Ricard0 montolivo(he will always assists a goal in every game)

Submitted by: Avinash

Some of the Talented Youngstars you must buy. Some are expensive but
other you can just sign.
Fellype Gabriel(great Attacker)
Leandro lima
Patricia Araujo
Sherman Cardenas(must buy)
Carlos Colazo
Nicolas Milan
Bojan(superb Striker Just 15 yrs)
Hugo loris(Great GK)
Salvatore Foti


Real players:
Submitted by: Dare Devil

Remove the ‘fake.lnc’ file from the ‘/sports interactive/football manager 2
007/data/db/700/lnc’ folder. Start a new game and players that did not appear
due to licensing limitations in the normal game will now be present.

Play as Chelsea:
Buy 2 good strikers: Cavenaghi(very very underrated), Villa (£24m release clause
is a bargain) those two, Drogba and Shevchenko should get at least 50 goals between
them, probably a hell of a lot more. Dont worry about centre mids play a narrow
midfield three of Lampard, Ballack and Essien, with Makelele for cover. Loan out
Mikel (he’ll replace Makelele and will be challenging for a place in the line up
when he gets back). Loan out Ben Sahar (half decent, loan him out and he should
improve in leaps and bounds, possible long term replacement for Shevchenko, and
if it doesnt work, just buy someone else eg Mutu bad history at Chelsea but a
bloody good palyer nonetheless). Play a back three of Terry, Carvalho and, if
you can get him, Micah Richards. (sell Ashley Cole if you go overboard with the
spending and Abramovich turns tight arse) Play the following at the start in an
attacking 3-5-2 with wing forwards GK Cech, CB (R to L) Richards, Terry, Carvalho,
CM (R to L) Ballack, Essien, Lampard, RWF Wright Phillips LWF Robben and two from
Cavenaghi, Villa (£24m release clause is a bargain) Shevy and Drogba. on the bench
Cudicini, A. cole (so you can switch to a more defensive formation), Makelele, and
the two strikers who didnt start. This will 100% certain win the Prem and you wont
be far off in any of the cups either. you have 75 to £80m to start off with Villa
will have a 24 or 25m release clause Cavenaghi should be under 10mil, you will
have to pay well over the odds for Richards but he matures into a world beating,
versatile defender. Ive you dont like the sounds of Cavenaghi because youve never
heard of him (strong possibility) then get Jermain Defoe not as good, imho, but
not exactly bad either.

Brilliant young players:
Ok, Recently I have started a new game as wolves. The first thing I noticed is
Jay who is valued around 2 million (one of the highest values at the club.) Is
a complete flop. He has plenty off shots and can score hat tricks, but their is
one problem. He misses half his shots and even then only scores about half the
shots he gets on target. His passes hardly ever reach and he just loves to lose
possession. So half way through the season I needed to buy a replacement so I
began looking around at certain players. Then one player struck my eye. A young
19 year old called Danny Haynes. I knew straight away after looking at his stats
I had to have him. I put up a bid of 500k and in 2 days he was mine. On his Debut
he Scored 4 goals!!! He is deffo 100% a exciting young player and his pace is
magnificent! Also Baidoo is a stunning young player as well. He isn’t selfish so
he can set up your main scorer quite allot even though he has a good shot in him
himself. I suggest you pick him up on loan or put a 500k-750k offer in at the
begging of the season. The longer the game goes on the longer Q.P.R want to keep
him and charge higher amounts. Also If you get your training right Mudgrew will
become a excellent player. Though probably harder to buy. Lennon of course will
become a great player to any squad since his pace can outrun most people.

Recommended players:
Submitted by: Dare Devil

Try getting the following players:

Daniel Galbraith (Hearts): About 60,000 when you first start the game. When in
your reserve squad for a couple of seasons will have 30 to 40 goals a season.
Does very well when promoted into first team.

Eddie Johnson (DC United): Good striker. Takes two or three seasons to be at his best,
but well worth the money. Has a 2.6 million release clause in contract.

Freddy Adu (DC United): Young, cheap, and talented.

Jose Montiel (Udinese): About 10 million but a good strong midfielder.

Lee Cattermole (Middlesbourgh): Good young midfielder. About 250,000, but well worth
the money.

Magnus Wolffe Eikrem (Wolde): Young, cheap, and very good player.

Nani (Sporting Lisbon): Good left winger. A bit costly at about 19 million, but is
well worth the money.

Sherman Cardenas (Bucuramanga): Excellent young player. Takes a season or two to get
into his stride. Well worth the wait and cheap.

Alexander Frei (Dortmund): He is a striker who will get a lot of goals.

Celsinho (Lokomotiv Moscow): Brilliant 17 year old attacking player worth £2.1 million.

Daniel Bierofka (Stuttgart): Good winger usually on the transfer list.

Dawid Janczyk (Legia): Goalscoring young striker.

Dinijar Bilyaletdinov (Lokomotiv Moscow): Good young attacking midfielder.

Gareth Bale (Southampton): Only 17 but is a talented left back.

Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus): Good relatively cheap left back.

Hilario (Chelsea): Good transfer listed goalkeeper.

Javier Saviola (Barcelona): Usually unsettled at club.

Kris Boyd (Rangers): He will get you at the most 30 to 40 goals a season.

Marek Mintal (Nurnberg): Good attacking midfielder and forward.

Michalis Konstantinou (Olympiakos): Striker from Cyprus but a good goal scorer.

Micheal Staunton (Celtic): Good young defender.

Peter Halmosi (Debrecen): Good cheap defender and midfielder.

Rodrigo Tiui (Fluminese): Good young striker.

Stein Huysegems (Feyenoord): Good striker.

Easy wins:
Submitted by: Dare Devil

Make a new user of the team you are about to play as in the match. Select quick tactics.
For your opponent’s team, set every one of their players in attack, then put an arrow
from the goalkeeper to the striker. If done correctly, you should win 10 – 1.

Submitted by: Liviu covaci

Lebohang Mokoena – Orlando Pirates
Freddy Adu-dc united
branamir kosstadinov-hearts
adrian pit-bellionziona

Submitted by: Liviu Covaci

Freddy Adu-DC United 8 mil $
Nicolas Millan 7 mil
Jupanu Romeo 21 mil
Mafyothu Liviu 10 mil
Okaka AC Milan -6 mil

I know the database isn’t exactly for cheating but i was fed up with having a transfer
budget at Man Utd £10million less than Shacktar Donesk. So i gave United something like
£30million, deleted thier loan debt and made foster and rooney all 20 on relevent stats.
I then gave united Torres, Kaka, Robinho and Messi and made all thier stats 20 (except
controversy and injury proneness). I also gave Andrily Voronin to Donesk.

Best Defence ever:
GK – Akinfeev
DL – Mike Zonneveld
DC – Kompany
DC – Vanden Borre
DR – Zuiverloon

Get awesome players 4 free!:
When creating new game select england, spain and italy as your countries. then chose your
team to manage & at the end click yes to add a new manager. I was liverpool & i bought
feernando torres for free.

How To Get Round Injuries:
The easiest way to get round injuries is to load up the editor then go to the player and
simply delete his injury and then put his injury proness down to 0.

Good Deals:
No matter how much money you have to spend on him buy him he is pure class. Im talking
about Sergio Aguero he is too good.
Also a young player that becomes quality is Barazite he is in the arsenal squad somewhere
but he is class.

Im Monaco in my season and i bought tons of players such as Marco Ne, Papa Bouba Diop,
Anelka,Jonathan De guzman, rafinha, Demel, Jo, Naldo and ive won the league and qualified
for the champions league, Anelka scored 44 goals and Koller 32, in the monaco under 18s
there is a player called Yannick Sagbo he is class, wait for him to become about the
age of 20 and put him in the first team he scores nearly every game

Few Players I Think Are Class:
In Like 2009, look at Arsenal reserves, there is a young keeper called Ricky Ball. Buy
him for 500k (ish) and then get a keeper (I USED Paul Robinson) to tutor him. He had a
few 20’s wen I bought him and in 2011 only let in 8 goals. I was spurs.
Buy Podolski – pure class
Luke Moore is amazing, I had him in my England team (who won Euro 2008, confederations
cup and world cup) and he scored the most in all 3 cups. He has about 60 goals in 45 caps
for me. Akinfeev is good to get as well.

Awesome young guns:
Im on my 2nd season for Man United, and at the end of the first season, a young player
called Solomon Okoronkwo won the golden boot. 30 gls in 31 games for Hertha BSC. You can
either get him on loan or buy him for around £6m. Must buy! Also, Yassine Chikhaoui is
immense. Plays for Etoile Du Sahel, but buy him and loan him out for a season and his
is great.

Amazing youths:
The best young players i found,,
Obinna, Foti, Bojan, Pato, Cardenas,Pasenan, Millan, Adu, Walker, Vittek, Vitti, Nani,
Naldo, Walcott, Tyson.
Just some players that are awesome
Put tyson in the England U21 team he emence with walcott in U21 team

Hidden stars:
Ive looked around loads of these sites and have never come across any of these players.
All become world class some the best the game will ever produce Goalkeepers.

H wagner
M Cisse (becomes the best, Potential attributes 199)
R Venema (costs 2K)
O Ustari

Chi Hung Earnest(the best there will ever be.pot ability 199.geniecout says better
than ronaldinho but hes only a wb)
A douischer(all your scouts will advise against but becomes incredible)
r Cano
C Coccia
A Tuia
Valber *****
Albertino Silva
R Smirnov
R saunders
Joao Carlos
O Azmi
A takacs
B pignot

S Graham
A vujic
M Gemmiti
M Cabrini
G donnelly
S kehl
J hock
D scolozzi

Attacking Mids:
C orellano
P leon A niguez
D bergsma
s zimmermann(potential attributes 199, better than ronaldinho)
M al-subiani
B Di Gennaro(next messi)

M camara******
B ozan********
e velten
S royle
G rasmussen
s muller
p william(south african)

Some of these players wont come into the game until the 2nd or 3rd season but try and
do anything to sign them because all of them will be the best.

A Few Players I Think Are Class:
In Like 2009, look at Arsenal reserves, there is a young keeper called Ricky Ball. Buy
him for 500k (ish) and then get a keeper (I USED Paul Robinson) to tutor him. He had a
few 20’s wen I bought him and in 2011 only let in 8 goals. I was spurs.

Buy Podolski – pure class

Luke Moore is amazing, I had him in my England team (who won Euro 2008, confederations
cup and world cup) and he scored the most in all 3 cups. He has about 60 goals in 45
caps for me.

Quality Leeds Team:
I Tried To Sell All My Leeds Players And Cancelled All Loans.
There Was Only 6 Left.

So I Signed (1st Season)

1. Vyacheslav Malafeev (45 Appearences-31 Conceded(Russian Number 2 After Akinfeev
(CSKA))) From Zenith St. Petersburg
2. Eduardo Ratinho (Quality Young Player) From Corinthians
3. Carlinhos (Another Quality Young Brazilian Wing Back) From Santos
3. Mike Zonneveld (Sign Him Aswell…Left Back And Left Midfield…10 Goals From Left
Back) From NAC Breda
5. Luizao (Young Brazilian CB…Very Strong At Back) From Cruzeiro
6. Martin Skrtel (Might Take Some Settling But Very Cheap) From Zenith St. Petersburg
4. Lucas (Quality And Young) From Gremio
4. Mathieu Flamini (Sign Also Good As A Captain And High Avg.) From Arsenal
7. Elano (A Tad Expensive But Worth The Money) From Shakhtar
8. Zoltan Gera (Very Good Midfield Goalscorer) From WBA
9. Gonzalo Higuain (Another Very Good Young Player That Gets Goals) From River
10. Jo (Goals Galore…Young Brazilian That Just Gets Better) From CSKA Moskow
11. Andrey Arshavin (Quality Assists And Bags Of Goals…Many Postitions Also) From
YET AGAIN Zenith St. Petersburg

In Case Of Injury I Also Had:
Frazer Richardson-Already At Leeds
Matthew Killgallon-Already At Leeds
Lukasz Fabianski (Young Goaly)-Some Polski Team (Possibly Warsaw)
Marcelo Grohe (Young Goaly)-Gremio
Charlie Adam (High Avg Rating For Reserve)-The Mighty ‘Gers (For Any1 Who Doesn’t Know
Them That’s Rangers)
Joe Ledley (Young And Good)-Cardiff
Gabriel Agbonlahor (Quick, Young And Plenty Goals In Him)!SIGN ON LOAN!-Aston Villa
Celsinho (Quality 17 Yr Old Plays Several Postitions)-Lokomotiv Moskow

For The Youth Team:
Carlos Vela-Arsenal
Tomas Pekhart-Tottenham
Marek Stech-West Ham
Nicolas Millan-Colo Colo
Jose Luis Silva-Universidad De Chile
Bojan Krcic-Barcelona
Giovanni Dos Santos-Barcelona

January Signings To Boost My Squad To Win Championship:
Silva (Quality Young Winger) From Valencia
Ben Sahar (Great Potential) From Chelski
Marcelo (One Of Best Players On Game-Brazil Left Back At 18!) From Flumineise
Curtis Davies (Great At The Back-Team Of The Year) From WBA
Leandro Lima (Great Midfield Potential) From Sao Caetano
Antonio Barragan (EXCELLENT Young Right Back)

Best players:
If you are managing a farley decent prem team like west ham or tottenham you should
loan the united and chelsea youngsters like scott sinclair and fraser cambell. if
you loan the for around a year and they find it good you will be able to sign them
or all but nothing… i won the league with fulham from doing this over two years.
Loan up 2 5 players a year.

Mads Laudrup:
Hes incredible! Then again when your dad is Michael Laudrup and your uncle is Brian
Laudrup your kinda destined to be amazing! Anyway I’ve always had him in my Hibernian
team thought i’d sign him for my Man Utd team so after 1 season I got him for £150k!
I had a dead easy european group match against Salzberg so thought I’d put out a reserves
team see how they do. So put Mads in CM in place of Darren Fletcher. He scored the only
goal of the game a 30 yard belter! His value went up £175k to £325k! Played him again
against Chelsea. He stood the challenge value went up another £125k to £450k! So after
2 matches his value has trebled and hes keeping Darren Fletcher out of the team!

Jim hamilton and chris brown:
There is this awesome player I found at Dunfermline Athletic who I found called Jim
Hamilton. I know he is 30 but i went Leeds in my first two seasons and he scored 25
and 23. You would expect to pay quite a bit for this many goals but you can get him
real cheap. There is also this kid called Chris Brown from Southampton who you can
always rely on for goals. He’s 26 and a really big lad, with good heading and creativity,
in other words a perfect target man.

How to get money easy:
I’m sure u have heard about this before but mine comes with a two WARNINGS. To get any
player u want (If they accept the contract) or any amount of money u go into options
and select new user etc. but when you are the manager of the other club say…Arsenal
once u do the deal u cant just retire heres the WARNING u have to play one or two of
their matches and have to sort their tactics out or get the assistant manager to do it.
WARNING if the assistant manager picks he might pick a good side but he wont do any
player tactics team tactics captains penalty takers etc (unless u want them to fail).

Class players:
One of the players i think is class is aiden mcgeady i am on my first season with celtic
and he has already scored 18 goals and he is playing on the right handside in attaking
midfield player of the month 6 times and young player of the month 2 times.other players
who i think are class is james mcfadden,everton,georgios sammaras scores at least 30+
and two youngsters u must singn is joe leidly and giles barnes.

Players to sign:
Rubens – Gk from sao caetano brazil 3rd season when he turns 18 he’s
unbeleivable for 100k.
michael schmoller – dc brazil under 21 3rd season start on any team and cheap as min
release clause normally 1.5mil
vanden borre – anderlecht 1st season 2.2mil brilliant
blondelle – dmc vitesse reseves holland 1.2 million great player scores alot
of headers
cardenas – mr colombia 500k-1st season turns into wonderkid and is unbeleivable
with right training gets alot better.
Kameni(espanyol), Gordon(hearts)gorgelin, abenzoar(lyon u-18)a traore, merida, uwezu, walcott,
vela(arsenal)sturridge, richards(man city)adu(dc united)cerrajero, aguero(athletico) bojan,
iago, dos santos(barcelona)pique(man u)garay(racing)milian(colo colo).

Best striker:
Submitted by: Robert C

I found that Miroslav Klose to be the best striker. i signed him for chelsea from werder
bremen and he scored 40 goals a season for at least 4 seasons and i won the league every

Real players:
Move the “fake.lnc” file from the “/sports interactive/football manager 2007/data/db/700/lnc”
folder. Start a new game and players that did not appear due to licensing limitations in the
normal game will now be present.

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