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Forever Legend Cheats

Forever Legend

Cheat Codes:
Buy the MORPH Potion for 1000 Gold from the man located up North
from the town. Drink the MORPH Potion (AND DO NOT EXIT THE CURRENT
SCREEN OR MAP YOU ARE IN). Once Kilgaly looks like LINK, type in
these codes to activate a cheat! Keep note that if you wanna disable
them, you must re-type the same Code.

Code Result
KSLENSBOY – Puts Kilgaly in a bubble
KSGIVEME – Give max money (65535)
KSLIVEITUP – Gives max HP (65535)
KSBADPOWER – Gives max MP (65535)
KSCHICKEN – No fights on field
KSLIFESUCKS – Instant death
KSITSTOEASY – Ends the game
KSWOAHBABY – Gives max attack (65535)
KSIAMGOD – Gives you all 4 spells
KSROSHAMBO – Give it a try
KSWHODIDIT – Give it a try
KSWHODIDIT – Unknown effect

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