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Forgotten Lands – First Colony Cheats

Forgotten Lands – First Colony

Submitted by: RM

Bonus level 1:
-Employ 1 worker and build a farm and employ 2 scouts to harvest the gems.
-When farm is built employ 1 defender, 2 workers and 1 scholar to work on
the farm.
-Employ 1 defender, 1 scholar and 3 workers to work at the lumbermill.
-Upgrade the farm to 1 star employ 1 worker for the farm.
-Upgrade the lumbermill to 1 star employ 1 worker to work in the lumbermill.
-Upgrade farm to 2 Stars and employ merchant to work on the farm.
-Upgrade lumber mill to 2 stars and employ worker to work in mill.
-Move 1 worker from the farm and build a 2nd farm, then employ a merchant
for farm 1.
-Employ 1 defender, 1 merchant and 2 workers for farm 2.
-If the scouts have collected all the gems, buy the treasurey between the
two farms then sell the 2 scouts.
-Upgrade lumbermill to 3 stars and buy worker.
-Wait for gold reserve to reach target, then you have finished bonus level 1.

Bonus level 2:
-Employ 3 scouts and use them to mine gems.
-When you have enough gems buy the farm and put a worker on it.
-Employ 1 defender and 3 merchants and put them on the farm.
-Buy the lumbermill then move one scout to mine for wood at the bottom right.
-when all the gems have been mined move move the remaining scouts to ine the
gold at the top right.
-Employ 2 merchants and 3 defenders for the lumbermill.
-Buy 2nd farm and employ 1 defender 4 merchants for farm 2.
-Buy land, then replace worker on farm 1 with a scout and build 1 farm and 2
lumbermills, then put worker to work on either farm 1 or farm 2, not farm 3.
-Employ 1 defender and 4 merchants per building starting with farm 3 until
300 gold per cycle is reached.

Bonus Level 3:
You need to focus on getting as much lumber as possible to sell
at the market for gold.

Get scouts early on to harvest the resources and place two scouts
and a defender on the market. Because you need to recruit 15
defenders and 7 scholars, build two farms and have one farm full
of defenders so they don’t count towards the food quota.
This should be enough to get the yellow flag.

Bonus Level 7:
Yellow Flag Directions: Buy the second farm from the left to start,
building a mine near the treasury and a mill near the tower. Upgrade
the farm and the mine, staffing the mine quite a bit, filling in
around the lumber mill with merchants to get cash.

Build the first market near the treasury and focus on upgrading it.
Buy the rest of the farms as you can, building markets and upgrading
them after the one near the treasury reaches a 3 star. Move merchants
from lumber mill to markets as they’re built.
You can eventually buy the treasury, then destroy the mine, replacing
it with a market. You’ll be able to staff it with merchants to hit the
money goal with a bit of time to spare.

Bonus Level 10:
Starting with this may help you:

-Hire 3 scouts and harvest the gold.
-Hire a worker and build a Farm.
(not near the pond, save that for the Mine)
-Recruit a Cultivator and put her on the Farm.
-Wait until you have enough money and build a Market.
-Recruit the leader and put her on the Market.

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