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Fox Sports Golf ’99 Cheats

Fox Sports Golf ’99

Overhitting drives or chips is a definite no-no, much
more so than in other PC golfing games. What you want
to do in Fox Swing mode is keep the speed very high on
the backswing, bring the Club Position Marker close to
the Caddie Line without going past it, then push forward
smoothly. Do not veer from side to side or you will incur
the wrath of the slice or hook gods.

Ignore the above advice when putting. On the green,
you want to hit forcefully, especially when flat ground
lies between you and the cup. It’s surprising-almost
shocking-how most fast putts won’t bounce over the hole
but instead drop in with a lovely “plunk.”

Adjust for wind. Even subtle breezes blow stiffly in
Golf ’99, and you’d best be prepared.

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