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Free Rider 2 Cheats

Free Rider 2

Cheat Codes:
Copy passwords and put them on the track loader.

Password Effect
funny man – guy turns into a clown.
fire – guy has his head on fire.
super sonic – guy goes with unlimited speed.
fancy pants – Fancy Pants Man.

Submitted by: David K.

Learn a track before you go rambo on it. Look around it first, find out
what’s there, and take it step by step. If you made the track, divide it
into imaginary chunks. Work on the first chunk first (duh), the second
chunk next, etc… Of course, (one of my favorite things to do. You can
go rambo anytime you want. Just saying, If you want to beat it without
dying like 50 times, take it step by step and learn from your mistakes.

Submitted by: Brett

Go to track loader & write “Fancy Pants” to be Fancy Pants Man. You will
also be able to get spiders, snails, chipmunks with guns, etc.

Vigina Land:
Go off a ramp and do a double backflip then land, thengo off the next
ramp and do 1 frontflip.

RoBeRtO Map:
Submitted by: RoBeRtO
You can load a map of me. You only to copy this long code in the part: “load map”!

-18 1i 18 1i,-24q 21p -3q0 22d,-3pv 22a -3qk 22a,-24v 21o -24b 22a -23m 22t -22u 23f -21s
243 -20n 24g -1vb 24m -1ts 24k -1si 24d -1rg 243 -1qf 23h -1pd 22q -1o7 21u -1n1 20v -1m7
205 -1m0 1vb,-1m1 1v9 -14 1i,-4sg 1j3 -4tk 1k6 -4ui 1l8 -4vh 1me -50g 1no -51g 1p7 -52f
1qp -53g 1sc -54h 1u2 -55j 1vp -56m 21h -57p 23a -58u 253 -59t 26e -5au 27q -5c1 296 -5d5
2ah -5ea 2bs -5fg 2d3 -5gm 2e7 -5ia 2fh -5ju 2gn -5lj 2hr -5n8 2iq -5ot 2jj -5qh 2k4 -5rt
2kd -5tc 2kh -5uh 2kh -5vm 2kh -60k 2kh -61j 2kh -62p 2kh -644 2kg -65n 2ke -673 2kd -68h
2kb -6a3 2k8 -6bp 2jv -6dh 2ji -6fb 2j0 -6h6 2ib -6j2 2hk -6kt 2gs -6mq 2g3 -6oo 2f9 -6qa
2ek -6rv 2e2 -6tm 2dm -6ve 2dj -715 2dl,-715 2dl -72s 2dq -74j 2e1 -76a 2e8 -782 2eg -79q
2ep -7bh 2f5 -7d6 2fo -7er 2gr -7gc 2i1 -7ht 2ja -7jf 2kl -7l0 2m3 -7mk 2nj -7ns 2oo -7p6
2pu -7qg 2r5 -7rq 2sb -7t6 2ti -7uk 2uo -806 2vq -81s 30m -83j 31b -85a 31q -871 328 -88o
32k -8af 330 -8c6 33c -8du 33m -8fm 33s -8hd 33u -8j3 33v -8ko 33u -8md 33u -8o3 33t -8po
33s -8re 33r -8t4 33p -8uq 33o -90g 33m -927 33l -93s 33l -95i 33m -978 33o -98u 33q -9aj
33r -9c9 33r,-9c8 33p -9d5 33r -9e8 33t -9f8 33s,-9f2 33u -9gc 33e -9hg 32q -9ir 321 -9k5
314 -9lm 301 -9ng 2uv -9p1 2u9 -9qk 2tn -9s8 2ta -9tt 2t1 -9vj 2sp -a19 2sk -a30 2sj -a4m
2sl -a6d 2ss -a84 2t5 -a9p 2tk -abd 2u7 -ad0 2uv -aeg 2vu -aft 311 -aha 328 -aim 33h -ak3
34r -alf 366 -amu 37h -aof 38t -aq3 3a7 -ars 3bd -atp 3c8 -avn 3ct -b1m 3dg -b3m 3e1 -b5l
3eh -b7k 3es -b9j 3f5 -bbi 3fa -bdh 3fc -bfg 3fd -bhg 3ff -bjf 3ff -ble 3fg -bnd 3fg -bpc
3fg -brb 3fg -bta 3fg -bv9 3ff,-eku 3fe -buv 3ff,15 1i 22 27 39 2r 4l 3d 64 3t 7d 44 8o
3s 9u 37 av 29 c2 11 d7 -c dq -22 dt -3t dq -5p d5 -7j c6 -96 b2 -ae a1 -bb 8t -c0 7u -cb
6s -cc 5m -c4 4d -bk 2v -av 1o -a9 p -98 -2 -85 -m -72,-k -75 -52 -3f dq -5q,1a -7c 1q -7t
2g -81 36 -7f 3g -6q 38 -62 2n -5l 21 -5m 1e -60 12 -6i 17 -75,12 -73 1d -7f,-ekq 3fc -elt
3fe -en0 3fc -eo4 3fa -epj 3ff -er2 3fm -esj 3fl -eu9 3fn -f03 3fp,-f6u 38d -f5j 37k -f43
376 -f2n 374 -f17 373 -evv 372 -eua 372 -esp 371 -er6 36v -ep!
f 36s -e
nn 36n -em0 36m -ekd 36q -ejd 376 -eit 37r -ej7 38n -ek5 399 -el4 39k -emf 39n -enu 39j -epe
39e -eqt 398 -esh 394 -etv 393 -evg 393 -f14 394 -f2p 396 -f4g 39a -f66 39j -f7d 3a5 -f84 3as
-f7e 3bp -f6c 3c4 -f5e 3cc -f49 3cf -f34 3cd -f1s 3ca -f0m 3c6 -evb 3c3 -eto 3c4 -es8 3c7
-eql 3c9 -ep4 3c3 -enn 3bq -emc 3be -el7 3b2 -ekh 3al -ek8 3a1 -ek7 39e,-3qn 228 -3rq 21p
-3sr 216 -3tv 20e -3v6 1vr -408 1vb -41b 1ur -42f 1ub -43g 1to -44a 1t8 -456 1sq -463 1sf
-46t 1s5 -47j 1rt -48j 1r0,-48i 1r0 -49e 1qg -4ad 1pr -4bg 1p7 -4cp 1oi -4du 1nv -4f4 1nc
-4gg 1mk -4i0 1lr -4jd 1l6 -4ku 1ki -4mj 1jv -4o9 1jf -4q1 1j1 -4rp 1io,-4rm 1in -4s7 1iu
-4sm 1j7,-5gf 1ie -5iq 1n4 -5l0 1ie,-5kv 1i8 -5is 1dd -5gh 1i9,-5l2 1i9 -ef6 3c2,-f9c 3fl
-f9p 3eq -fa2 3dq -fa3 3cm -f9n 3bl -f9a 3ap -f8r 39u -f8b 395,-f8e 395 -f7r 38t -f7b 38l
-f6t 38c,-f02 3fo -f0r 3gb -f1l 3gv -f2c 3hh -f39 3i7 -f46 3j6 -f4u 3kb -f5l 3lq -f68 3n4
-f6r 3oh -f7d 3q0 -f84 3ri -f8u 3t8 -f9r 3uu -fau 40i -fc6 425 -fdi 43m -ff0 456 -fgg 46k
-fi7 47v -fji 48u -fku 49r -fma 4an -fno 4bh -fp5 4ca -fqk 4d0 -fsk 4do -fuk 4ec -g0j 4es
-g2j 4f9 -g4j 4fg -g6h 4fi -g8b 4fd -ga4 4f1 -gbr 4eh -gdg 4dt -gf5 4d7 -ggp 4cc -gib 4bf
-gjr 4af -gl6 49d -gm6 488 -gml 46t -gm1 45p -gkt 44r -gjm 443 -gi5 438,-gi5 438 -ggf 42b
-gej 41h -gcj 411 -gag 40v -g8e 41f -g6k 42a -g58 43d -g4e 44h -g49 45k -g4r 46g -g5l 478
-g6g 47p -g7e 483 -g8b 487 -g98 489,-g98 488 -gen 48p,-5gh 1ia -57h 1ia,-8ff 33s -8gg 33b
-8hs 33e -8j7 33t,-gek 48m -gi7 47k#-evm 3fo -evk 3dq -euf 3c5,-ete 3dn -ete 3fc,-evh 3dn
-etg 3dn,-ett 3d1 -ett 3cf,-ett 3cd -etj 3cd,-ete 3f9 -ete 3fk,-euc 3fj -euc 3ej -ett 3ej
-ett 3fh,-eu2 3f2 -eu2 3f5,-eva 3e2 -ev8 3el -eut 3el,-eut 3e4 -eut 3eg,-evc 3e4 -eup 3e4,
-eur 3ec -eut 3ej,-euh 3c3 -etg 3do,-etl 3cd -etl 3de,-ett 3cs -ett 3d4,-eur 3eh -eut 3el,
5e 3l 6e u,6e u 7h 3t 83 p 9p 38,-1s1 1s7 -1uf 24l -24s 1sk -1rv 1s7,-24u 1so -24r 220,-1s4
1sc -1q7 23b,-3ko 225 -3p2 1vb,-3g7 223 -3ca 1vi,-3ca 1ve -3p6 1vg,-3cf 1v9 -38i 1t0,-38i
1sp -4av 1l4 -4c4 1ol,-3p0 1vc -3se 1of,-5ks 1ia -!
5gi 1i9,
-5iq 1de -5io 1mv,-ef6 3bv -eko 3f8,-f01 3fm -f9b 3fo,-gfa 44k -gdv 46a -gdj 48c,-gde 44h
-gdv 46a,-gdc 44t -gd1 489,-gdg 45a -gc6 453,-gd9 46l -gc1 46a,-gd9 47v -gbl 47v,-ga8 458
-gb1 44p,-gb8 44p -gbp 457 -gbs 466 -gas 468 -ga7 46u -gac 47n -gbk 47e,-gbb 44r -gas 44r,
-ga5 43q -g9u 46d,-ga0 47g -g9t 47t,-g9t 47v -g9r 47j,-g9r 47v -g9r 487,-57h 1i6 -4rm 1ik,
-51k 1eh -520 1e8 -521 1fi -50p 1fd -513 1f5,-513 1f1 -4tg 1cc,-51i 1ef -4u1 1bq -4ti 1cb,
-8gj 31n -8g1 32d -8gg 33c -8ho 33e -8im 32l -8ie 31q -8hj 311 -8ge 31p,-8gt 31f -8fu 2vh
-8ec 2ue -8e3 2uv,-8ea 2ub -8ea 2ts,-8e8 2u6 -8e5 2u6,-8e8 2uc -8dt 2u9,-8ec 2ue -8e0 2ue,
-8ea 2ub -8eh 2tn,-8e8 2u9 -8f5 2ts,-8ea 2u9 -8g8 2u9,-8ec 2u6 -8do 2ts,-8ed 2u9 -8dp 2u7,
-8ef 2u9 -8fs 2ub,-8ec 2ub -8em 2uj,-8ed 2ue -8ed 2v5,-8fb 2uh -8e3 2u9,-8ec 2uc -8dk 2uc,
-8e7 2u6 -8dm 2u1,-8es 2tg -8ed 2u6,-9mr 2ku -9pl 2n4,-9on 2m8 -9mp 2n6,-9ll 2lv -9o6 2nm,
-9kl 2mg -9nd 2oh,-9jp 2n7 -9mr 2p5,-9jq 2n7 -9jf 2oh,-9ko 2o0 -9jp 2oo,-9na 2ou -9kb 2q5,
-9gv 2o4 -9k4 2q8,-9ha 2o0 -9g4 2ps -9h9 2q8 -9id 2p3 -9i8 2r1,-9e8 2q0 -9fq 2sj -9e5 2rn
-9ed 2t9 -9cc 2rb,-9c4 2rb -9dp 2tf,-9bt 2rl -9d3 2to,-9c0 2rl -9b1 2sc -9be 2t9 -9cf 2sl
-9bv 2u7,-99i 2sq -9ad 2sc -9as 2t7 -9a1 2to -9ae 2uk,-9ai 2uk -9bh 2u3,-98r 2so -99p 2us,
-99f 2s9 -977 2tp,-9pe 2nv -9qq 2pk,-9pj 2o0 -9p0 2om,-9or 2or -9pm 2ps -9qf 2p8,-9o1 2ou
-9pc 2qi -9nv 2r6,-9n8 2pr -9oc 2r9,-9k7 2qv -9ld 2qb -9lu 2r6 -9kh 2s1 -9l2 2st -9mb 2s4,
-9j2 2ro -9ka 2te,-9jr 2qv -9i1 2sh,-9h8 2sh -9ij 2ui,-9hi 2sg -9ga 2tc,-9i4 2tc -9gs 2uf,
-9ig 2ua -9ha 2up,-9fo 2ta -9hd 2vq,-9fp 2ta -9e7 2uc -9ev 2vb,-9gc 2u2 -9et 2vg,-9g7 2u7
-9ft 306,-9e2 2uc -9f7 30q,-9e2 2um -9cv 2up,-9cv 2un -9d4 2vv,-9f0 2vf -9d3 2vs,-9cv 2vq
-9dg 30t -9f9 308,-9cf 2uu -9cd 30s,-9ci 2us -9b2 2us,-9cn 2vi -9br 2vn,-9cb 30i -9b8 30j,
-9aa 2ur -9b0 30v,-9aj 2uu -99m 30q,-997 2uu -99t 319,-98o 2ua -98o 30i,-98t 31c -98s 319,
-98o 319 -98j 31c,-98l 317 -98o 31c -98j 31b,-98j 319 -98t 319,-98v 319 -98i 319,-98l 314
-98l 311,-98j 30t -98i 317,-98l 317 -997 317 -98d 316,-98g !
311 -98n
311 -98n 316,-98n 317 -98n 30t -98n 311,-98o 317 -98q 31b,-98o 317 -994 317,-996 316 -98s
314,-98s 312 -98o 311 -98j 316,-98l 317 -98o 31h,-98q 2u7 -98l 30i,-98s 2ua -98r 30e,-98u
2ua -98r 30b,-98s 2ul -98p 30c,-bjt 364 -bh5 351 -be6 373 -bfg 39b,-bfh 398 -bik 39d -bf4
3b2,-beg 3b2 -ben 3bt,-bfc 3am -bel 3b5,-bel 3b9 -bfj 3dg,-bfm 3dg -bj9 3dd,-bvk 377 -bsg
359,-bsg 357 -bpe 36a -bqp 39q -bv5 3c7 -bpl 3c7,-c8r 37n -c4m 35b -c4m 3cd,-ef0 3bu -eka
3ac,-f7i 3fm -f5l 3cs -f46 3fo,-f5o 3dk -f5o 3es,-f5t 3fb -f5q 3fb,-f5l 3fc -f5r 3fc -f5j
3fb,-f5q 3fg -f5q 3fb,-f5o 3dg -f5o 3eq,-f5o 3df -f5q 3ej,-f5l 3dl -f5l 3el,-f5l 3dp -f5l
3en,-f5m 3di -f5o 3eq,-f0h 3hu -f04 3mr,-f1e 3hu -etd 3hu,-f2h 3i0 -f0r 3i0,-f0l 3qt -f3u
3qt -f43 40a -f07 3vr,-f0m 3qm -f07 3vr,-f2c 42t -f2c 484,-f3v 42v -euv 42v#T -g77 462,T
-g7n 462,T -g8b 462,T -g8v 462,T -g9g 462,T -g77 47c,T -g77 46u,T -g7r 46u,T -g7p 47r,T
-g8b 47r,T -g8d 470,T -g8s 470,T -g8n 47p,T -g9d 47k,T -g9e 46u,T -4ro 1i7,T -469 1r8,T
-3i2 219,T d0 -23,T -129 16k,T -1uo 23r,T -58b 212,T -7au 2dk,T -8v1 32n,T -aa2 2st,T
-bu0 3ei,T -eis 3el

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