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Freedom Planet Cheats

Freedom Planet

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Adventure mode outtakes:
During the intermission sequences in Adventure mode, hold [Down] + C to
hear audio outtakes, which will sometimes be accompanied with animations.

Easy “Preemptive Strike II” achievement:
While playing as Milla, reach the end of Battle Glacier to face Prince Dail.
Fly up and get three hits on him before he finishes talking. If you were
defeated previously and he no longer speaks, the achievement will still be
earned if you land all three hits before the battle starts.

Adventure Mode bloopers:
During cutscenes while playing Adventure Mode , hold DOWN + C (whichever
keys or buttons they are mapped to) to sometimes be treated to a audio

Alternative Character Select Faces:
At the character select screen, press up/down rapidly without picking a
character. The screen will eventually shake and their faces change.

Unlock Mahjong:
Finish every stage of Shang Mu Academy with any character to unlock a menu
option in time attack that allows you to play a minigame of Mahjong.

Unlock Shang Mu Academy:
In order to unlock Shang Mu Academy you must clear Sky Battalion with any
character in Adventure or Classic mode. It is selectable from Time Attack
and features a series of stages where the player must break targets to
complete the stage.

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