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Frontlines – Fuel Of War Cheats

Frontlines – Fuel Of War

Submitted by: cpw

Go to the location/path where your Profile and the Saved Checkpoints
are stored which is:

C:Documents and Settings[USERNAME]My DocumentsMy GamesFrontlines – Fuel of War

Now Look for the ‘Config’ folder inside the ‘GCGame’ folder. Go to the
‘Config’ folder and
look for the following .ini file : ‘GCInput’.

Open the ‘GCInput’ file with notepad and search for the following lines:


and change it to:

TypeKey= MaxScrollbackSize=1024

Now press [~] (tilde) while playing to bring up the console. Type any of
the following cheat codes.

Code: Result:
god = God Mode
loaded = All Weapons/Ammo
allammo = Max Ammo
ghost N = o Clipping
playersonly = Disable AI
slomo # = Slomo Mode
walk = Walk Mode
fly = Fly Mode
allweapons = All Weapons
behindview 1 = 3rd Person View
suicide = Kill Player

Unlock Village Assault Bonus Level
Select EXTRAS from the Main Menu. Select BONUS CONTENT.
Enter the code “sp-village” to unlock the bonus level.

Unlock Urban Combat Bonus Level
Select EXTRAS from the Main Menu. Select BONUS CONTENT.
Enter the code “sp-street” to unlock the bonus level.

Easy Kills/One Hit Kills
Open the ‘GCGame’ file located in the same ‘Config’ folder and locate the heading:


and then look for the Line ‘m_fHealthEnemyCharacterAI=120’ and change the value 120
to any lower value like 1.

This will Kill the ground enemies with 1 shot.

OR Look for the line ‘m_fDamageModifierFromPlayerToAI=1.5’ and change the value 1.5 to 999.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. RM

Right click on FF0W icon on desktop, and select Properties. Add to the Target
box : “-devmode”. Let there be space between what already is in the Target box
and “-devmode” (without quotations).

While in game, open console (e.g. tilde key) and type:

Result Code
God mode – god

Cheat Codes:
At the main menu, select the “Extras” option. Choose the “Bonus
Content” option, then enter one of the following codes to activate
the cheat function:

Urban Combat single player level:
Enter “sp-street” as a code to unlock the Urban Combat single
player level.

Village Assault single player level:
Enter “sp-village” as a code to unlock the Village Assault single
player level.

More Levels:
You can unlock two extra single-player levels in the game by
inserting some passwords into the in-game passwords menu. To
unlock the Village stage, insert “sp-village” minus the quotes.
To unlock the Urban stage, insert “sp-street” minus the quotes.

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable How to unlock
Anvil (15) – Complete the third mission on normal difficulty
Captains of Industry (15) – Complete the second mission on normal difficulty
Darkness Falls (15) – Complete the first mission on normal difficulty
Graveyard (15) – Complete the fourth mission on normal difficulty
History Repeats (15) – Complete the final mission on normal difficulty
Living Quarter (15) – Complete the sixth mission on normal difficulty
The Mountain King (15) – Complete the fifth mission on normal difficulty
Anvil – Ironman (20) – Complete the third mission in a single session
without dying
Darkness Falls – Ironman (20) – Complete the first mission in a single session
without dying
Graveyard – Ironman (20) – Complete the fourth mission in a single session
without dying
History Repeats – Ironman (20) – Complete the final mission in a single session
without dying
Living Quarter – Ironman (20) – Complete the sixth mission in a single session
without dying
Anvil – Stopwatch (25) – Complete the third mission in under 25 minutes

Weapon Guide:
Here I have listed all the weapons not including the new ones that you will find
in the game.

-=Assault Rifle=-
This is a basic weapon often used throughout the game. Its high amount of ammo clips,
good rate of fire, and grenade launcher attachment makes it a lethal weapon to light
armored vehicles and infantry.

-=Light Machine Gun=-
This is a very deadly weapon to all infantry and most vehicles. Its large ammo clips,
high power, and the highest rate of fire among all the weapons make it a common choice
for any trooper on the frontline.

-=Sniper Rifle=-
This one-shot weapon is a lethal weapon to any troop unlucky enough to walk into its
crosshairs. Its low rate of fire, small clips, and pin point accuracy make it a less
common weapon choice among the soldiers.

-=Rocket Launcher=-
This anti vehicle weapon is a end to any moving object on the battlefield. While it
is ineffective from a manual aim its lock-on feature is priceless any chance you get
use the manual aim because most vehicles have flares so say bye bye to your easy kill
this weapon also features mine which are useful for destroying vehicles and defending
key points. With its very low rate of fire, high power, lock-on feature, mines,
practically no ammo make it a very common weapon to all demolitionists.

It is the bane to any troop to close to comfort. It is a very strong weapon that has
a knack for urban areas. Because it is not a very well used weapon it is not a very
informational part. Though it is very strong, a good amount of rounds, and ability
to destroy vehicles with is intense power it makes it a common choice in small areas.

-=Silenced SMG=-
This weapon is a very powerful anti infantry weapon. It is very quiet so it is useful
for stealth missions which I love to preform. I love its extra C4 attachment for that
extra bit of destruction I find it very useful for taking back bases and destroying
slow or lazy vehicles. Because of its quietness, high fire rate, C4 attachment, and
high power make it a very common choice.

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