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Gates Of Andaron Cheats

Gates Of Andaron

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Evocator pet underground:
Go to the tavern behind general payon and make your pet stay when you walk
inside the door. Then go to the bed and get your pet to follow. He should
walk around the corner and then go underground.

Guide to Evocator pets:
Level 1 – puma cub
Level 2 – wild puma
Level 3-4 – werewolves in beginner area
Level 5 – giant pawed bear
Level 6-9 – more werewolves/gremlins
Level 10-11 – fire demons
Level 11-13 – cat ladies
Level 14-18 – more gremlins/cat people
Level 19-21 – werewolves

Classes that fit YOU:
Nightwalker – Sneak up on people and stun leather armor.
warrior – Face things head on and wear strong armor.
mage – Wear cloth armor and cast spells.
evocator – Tame all animals in game (with the exception of half animal
half human and demons) and casts spells leather-hard leather
priest/cleric – Heals and uses spells also wear cloth armor.
Archer – Can use swords and bow/arrows.

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