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General Practitioner Cheats

General Practitioner

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Examination ID’s:
By mr Green

Will post all the numbers here when i find them for you on patreon website,
with special thanks to the game developper

-=Exam Id’s=-
New exam available: Gloria (#66): you can start her exam in story mode after
you completed the “Erika’s Legacy” third part in February or type in her ID

New exam available: Lacey (#67): you can start her exam after February 4th
or type in her ID to play it (8277861067) – 4 exams available, but This exam
won’t be available in Exam Mode and it cannot be chosen from the computer.
It only plays if Vanilla mode is OFF and if you made the right choices in
the first three exams of her.
The exam starts after October 26th, in-game calendar.

New hospital exam available: Rajesh (#68): you can start his exam after
February 10th or type in his ID to play it (1997240868)

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