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Gilligan’s Island Cheats

Gilligan’s Island

Tip sheet:
Well, Gilligan’s Island is a game that just doesn’t have a
great deal of depth to it… You shoot for all the lit
ingredients, then shoot the ramp a lot of times. Really.
Sounds like as much fun as an (old) DE game…*

I think it’s especially stupid that the ONLY way to get
multiball is by a lucky lagoon award. At least multiball
isn’t worth that much (1M per ramp shot while you have
both balls).

Also, this is another game that suffers from unbalanced
Everything is OK until you get to that stupid 50M
shot… sheesh.
Now that I think about it, I think that a simple million+
(or say 2 or even 3 million+) would have been a much much
better implementation.

But like I said, get the stuff for Kona and shoot the ramp.
However, there are a couple of little tips I can give you,
other than that rather obvious strategy: Watch the kickback
value!!! This is probably the second-most important thing,
since you can get a bonus ball from it. Just keep a careful
eye on which return lane a ball will go into, and use the
flippers to change the “advance kickback value” light into
that lane.
However, once you get to bonus ball, avoid hitting a lit
return lane at all costs (or you have to start over).
Notice that advance kickback can either be in the left
return lane, the right return lane, or off totally.
After getting it to bonus ball, a good idea would be to
leave it off as much as you can. The only other important
shot is the “skill shot” saucer, which you can also shoot
into via a shot up the lane when the ramp is raised.
(Note that that same shot all the way around the saucer is
your bonus-x shot.)
Sometimes you can change the value of the saucer when the
ball is heading for it. Always choose (or aim for) light
kickback. If it’s already on, it’ll spot recipe, like the
3rd light. Don’t worry about the jungle runs…
They’re bwee compared to the value of getting to gona or
the kickback (they max at 5M and 2.5M).

So that’s it. Master the ingredient shots and the ramp, and
the score is yours.

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