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Gladiator – Sword Of Vengeance Cheats

Gladiator – Sword Of Vengeance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Add the following command(s) to your “settings.ini” in the gamedir,
where “1”=enabled and “0”=disabled.

Code Efect
instagib = 1 – God mode
goreOverride = 1 – Enable/Disable Gore
HUD = 1 – Enable/Disable HUD

Unlock Weapon Challenge And Weapons
Collect all the Titan Tablets, Priest Amulets, and Emporer Coins and
offer then at the appropriate pillar to unlock the Weapon Challenge
arena in Elysiam. You can earn different weapons by completing the
various challenges in Elysiam:

Annihilation – Clear Axe Challenge 4
Invictus Gladius – Clear Sword Challenge 4
Olympus Cleavers – Clear Gauntlet Challenge 4

Set your cheat key by going to the menu (*) and setting
up your key controls. Then hold the cheat key (CK) and
press these buttons for:

CK+F =Gain Flight
CK+H =Gain HP
CK+M =Gain MP
CK+S =Speed increase
CK+T =Transform into another character
CK+V =Gain invisibility
CK+{or} =Raise or lower level
CK+F12 =Kill all living enemies on the scenario
CK+Switch key (set in keyboard controls)

Weapon challenges:
Collect all of the Titan Tablets, Priest’s Amulets, and Emperor’s Coins.
Deposit all of them in the appropriate pillar to make a giant stone
tablet appear in the middle of Elysiam.
Activate the tablet to start the weapon challenges.

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