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Gladiatus – Hero of Rome Cheats

Gladiatus – Hero of Rome


What does a higher level piece of jewelry do?:
Becomes more expensive. Other than that, nothing really, until it
gets past level 11, then it has a chance of starting with enchantments
already on it.

Whats up with people wearing equipment with a higher level?
Item levels aren’t a limit on what level you have to be to equip
them, they’re just sort of a guide on how good, and expensive,
the item should be.

Why can’t this detergent sponge remove my enchantment?:
The detergent sponge can only remove enchantments off of a certain
level item and below.

How can I gain rank in the arena?:
Beat people above you, that are in the list on the right of
the arena page.

How do I get honor?
Go on expeditions, mug people, or do quests.

How can I sell items?
Either put them up on the market for players to buy, or sell them to the
corresponding merchant. Go to page 3 of the merchant’s inventory, and
drag whatever item it is onto the page to sell it for the item’s value.
– The Armor Smith will buy helmets, chest armor, and shields.
– The Weapon Smith will buy weapons.
– The General Goods store will buy shoes, gloves, and jewelry.

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