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Glowfish Cheats


Steam achievement:
Submitted by: Bonek

Barrage of Bubbles – Eliminate 100 enemies by circling them in chain mode.
Best Friends Forever – Unlock all Glow Chums.
Crowd Control – Take 500 friends to safety.
Explorer of the Deep – Locate 50 secret areas.
Glow Power – Defeat dr. urchin.
Incandescent – No loss of glow on a stage.
I’m a Star! – Get a 4-Star Rating in any level.
I’m a Superstar! – Get a 4-Star Rating in 10 different levels.
Lariat Roundup – Circle a large foe into a friend.
Love Tap – Convert the Corrupted Fighter into a Glow Chum.
Master of the Universe – Get a 4-Star Rating in all 50 levels.
Mr. Invincible – A perfect win over Dr. Urchin; no loss of glow.
Mr. Popular – Take 50 friends to safety.
Not Easily Baited – Avoid the Angler Fish in the Briny Depths.
Ooh, Shiny! – Collect 500 coins.
Pacifist – Finish level 4 without harming any foes.
Personal Trainer – Upgrade your Glow Chums to maximum capacity.
Puzzling – Get a 4-Star Rating on any of the puzzle levels.
Scout Master – Upgrade Scout to maximum.
Scouting Party – Locate 25 secret areas.
The 100 Club – Eliminate 100 enemies in orbit mode.
Trespasser – Locate 10 secret areas.
Walls of Jericho – Trap an enemy creature between the moving walls.
What’s under the hood? – Win the Darter race with a 4-Star Rating.
Worth its Weight – Collect 5,000 coins.

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