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Grandest Fleet Cheats

Grandest Fleet

There are many ways to acquire victory in The Grandest Fleet.

(1): Develop just your basic Fleet and keep pumping them out.
A six to eight battleship force can be devastating even
against super-ships.

(2): Grow your economy to eventually construct super-ships.
These ships are both powerful and interesting to use.
If you can get your base economy to the point of
building super-ships in your ports, you’ll be tough
to beat.

(3): Get your cities up in size. This will do several things to
take you to victory. As the cities’ size gets beyond
certin levels of growth they will increase in victory
point value. This can be significant. Larger cities also
creat more tech and resource points per turn, and when
those cities are very large it is pretty tough to bomb
them down in size. Carrier planes and bombers will take
many more casualties when attacking large cities.

(4): Go into a full city-economy development. This includes;
Universities, hospitals, downtowns, citysize, convoys,
forts…etc. This gives you many extra victory points per
turn, unbeatable defensive position, and overall strength.
Many games can be won with this approach.

(5): A combination of the above. The options are limitless.
With all this, The Grandest Fleet plays as a very
in-depth game. I hope these hints help you to become
The Perfect Fleet Commander!

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