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Heavy Dreams Cheats

Heavy Dreams

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Official Guide (Puzzle Solutions):
Written by JMC Games

Heavy Dreams is an incredibly difficult game, but with a little help
it can be fairly easily overcome.

The game’s basic structure revolves around a series of hidden puzzles,
where, if you solve a certain number at a time, you can progress through
the story through journal entries. This guide walks you through all that.

-=Puzzle 1 – Logging In=-
The first thing you have to do in the game is log in to the computer. The
log in information can be found on the screenshots in the game’s storepage.
The log in information is also here for simplicity.

Username: zhangj18
Password: bubblegum1

-=Puzzle 2 – Averages
On the desktop, one of the apps is a game known as “Kingdom Come.” In the
developers’ scores, the developer “names” spell out “obtain the average
score.” Getting that average score, 13000, in the game or typing it into
the calculator will solve a puzzle.

-=Puzzle 3 – The CLUE MASTER 3000=-
In journal entry 6/15/2013, one of the images is that of a “bug blaster,”
Unlike other images, this one has a second functionality to, well, blast
bugs. Doing so clears out a lot of the clunk on the screen.

In journal entry 3/4/2014, one of the bugs is over magnifying glass.
Blasting it and saving the magnifying glass will unlock the CLUE MASTER
3000, which allows you to find highlighted portions of the text that serves
to help with puzzles.

-=Puzzle 4 – Leslie?=-
In document 6/15/2013, the document mentions how “Leslie likes to turn
everything upside down.” This portion is highlighted, along with the word
“calculator,” in the same color. Do what it says, and type in “Leslie,”
upside down into the calculator (317537), and another puzzle is thus solved.

-=Puzzle 5 – Up Up Down Down…=-
21, 27, 28.

After you unlock the second journal entry, 3/2/2014, there are numerous
hints pointing towards the Konami code being used. There’s a “take 30 lives”
icon, and there’s a highlighted portion that spells out “30 life code,” a
la the Konami code in Contra which granted 30 lives to the player.

Typing the Konami Code into the calculator (88224646) will solve a puzzle.

-=Puzzle 6 – Who You Gon’ Call?=-
In “Kingdom Come,” after about a minute, a big ship comes in and automatically
ends the game. If you get this ending, a “Who you gon’ call?” screen comes up.
Of course, one would call the Ghostbusters. Putting the ghostbusters number
(5552368) into the calculator gets you the ending jingle to kingdom come.

That ending jingle is split into 4 parts in the music player. Entering in
the correct order they play in, 2314, will update Kingdom come. Now you can
pass the big ship, and lo, another puzzle was solved.

-=Puzzle 7/8 – Kingdom Come=-
Taking 30 lives has more than one meaning – now that you can progress in
Kingdom Come, you can kill 30 enemies. Doing so will also solve a puzzle.

Additionally, getting the purple score will also add an “achievement ribbon”
to your inventory. That’ll come in handy later.

-=Puzzle 9 – Additionally…=-
The game has 3 pieces of purple text – the aforementioned score, the word
“add” in document 6/27/2015, and the word “DULL” in document 3/2/2014.
Adding 18500 (the score), and DULL (down up left left, or 2844), will
unlock a puzzle.

-=Puzzle 10/11/12 – A Few More Calculator Puzzles=-
In document 6/27/15, the document highlights the word “brby,” or blue
red blue yellow. Entering that in unlocks a puzzle.

In document 3/2/14, the document highlights “my shot,” “death,” and “year,”
along with a picture of a 10 dollar bill with a skull. All of this references
Alexander Hamilton and his year of death, 1804. Entering that in unlocks a

In document 6/15/2013, the document highlights “closest distance” along with
a circle and a line and some coordinates. This is a bit of a math problem,
and the short version is the answer is 12.

-=Puzzle 13 – Input Answer=-
In document 6/27/15, Jay asks himself this question: “What is greater than
God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich don’t need it,
And if you eat it, you’ll die?”

Additionally, the word “answer” is highlighted here, as is the word “input”
in document 6/15/2013. These words are actually images, and dragging them
together will open a text box where you can put the answer in. The answer
is nothing, by the way.

-=Puzzle 14 – NERDDDDDD=-
In Hopes, Dreams, pt. 1, the formula of glucose is mentioned. In Kingdom
Come, those letters are capitalized on the ending screen. Clicking the “C”
6 times, “H” 12 times, and “0” 6 times will unlock a puzzle.

-=Puzzle 15/16 – Wish Fulfillment=-
Remember that ribbon from earlier? It’s about to come in handy now.
In “Hopes, Dreams pt. 1,” there’s an empty case, and in document 3/7/16, Jay
mentions a lack of awards. Put the ribbon in the case to unlock the
equivalent of 2 puzzles.

-=Puzzle 17 – The Papers=-
The 2 papers in the school folder are the key to a puzzle. The Meiji paper
mentions that raw imports increased, and the China paper mentions that
manufactured goods increased. These items are in the opposite papers, so
swapping them around unlocks a puzzle (that is, bring the silk, rice, tea,
and coal into the Meiji paper, and the clothes and shoes into the China paper).

-=Puzzle 18 – Gotcha!=-
In all the documents, you may have noticed a few weird animals, the Gotchapon.
Saving the images and adding them to the Gotchapedia is a puzzle, as getting
all of them will solve a puzzle.

All of them are in fairly straightforward locations, with the exception of one
in the “FINALLY” game, where, if the size is set to 3 or greater, a Gotchapon
is found.

-=Puzzle 19 – The Last One=-
This is the final puzzle. After unlocking journal entry 2, a new morse code
sound file is added. If you know morse code, great! If not, finding this
Gotchapon in 6/27/2015 will unlock the morse functionality in your CLUE MASTER

This allows you to see the Morse Code of the file, which, when translated,
says “Play at 5pm.” Playing the sound file at 5 pm unlocks the final puzzle.

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