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Highway Pursuit Cheats

Highway Pursuit

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: sam
Update by: semon

To enter cheats press [Ctrl]+C during game play to display the console window.

Code Result
foggyweather – infinite smokescreen
godisalive – infinite handling(the only way to die is to fall of bridges)
needRockets – infinite rockets
oiltapestry – infinite oil slick
flyingmonkey – makes you go really fast

Note: Activating a code will eliminate the score, making it impossible to get
on the high score list.

Hint – Replenish Health:
Submitted by: by: Robin Pancham

An easy and safe way to replenish health (although a bit slow)is to go the edge
of the road and stop there, then accelerate and let go of accelerater. Your speed
should stall at 3kph. The best place to replenish your health is on bridges.
Tunnels are very bad places to replenish your health. I use this technique when
needed and i die alot less.

Note: (to get the game free, search for it in google.com)

highway pursuit v1.1 cheat codes of highway pursuit:
Submitted by: mark
1-press [Ctrl]+[c] to open the console windows
2-{sundaydriver} is a cheat which make no traffic

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