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Hoyle Casino 2000 Cheats

Hoyle Casino 2000

Unlimited money I:
Go to video poker and play the last machine for $100.00. Insert
the money, but do not play. Go to video slots, play the machine
for $1000.00. Insert the money, play once, then cash out to get
$50,000. Repeat this as needed.

Unlimited money II:
Go into a $1000 Tournament. Play one hand. Then, go to “Keno”,
then “Keno Tickets”. Buy a ticket for any amount (you will still
be in the tournament). When you hit the “Submit” button, your
money will double. For each ticket you buy, you will continue to
get more money. It will only double the first time and then add
that same amount repeatedly. However, if you leave the tournament
and start this process over, your bank will be bigger, and your
money will double again. At $1 billion, your character is reset
and your name goes on the Winners List.

Your winnings are updated in the user0.log file. Just back it
up when you win. Bet it all, and if you win back it up again.
If you lose overwrite the user0.log with your backup and you
are back where you were before you lost!
I won a billion a couple of times and got bored.

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