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I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Cheats

I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

True Ending Walkthrough:
Written by princessoliivia

Guide to get the best possible ending in the game! Spoilers ahead.

-=Chapter 1: The First Bite=-
* Smack that clock!
* You need to take this seriously!
* Pep talk your best friend.
* Chicken Snack.
* Sit by Colonel Sanders.
* Extremely.
* Feather.
* A spork.
* Anything with love, and not too much salt.
* He is the best boy!

You should get a perfect score on the test, and everyone then proceeds to the cafeteria.

-=Chapter 2: The Second Bite=-
* Focus your mind.

Enjoy the rest of the delicious meal with Colonel Sanders, then meet him outside!

-=Chapter 3: The Third Bite=-
* Be modest but thoughtful.
* Clank (but you can pick Pip instead for different dialogue).
* Your grandmother’s mashed potatoes and gravy.
* Turn to Colonel Sanders, hunk of hunks.

Everyone gets sick (except Pip bc wtf) and the bell signals to everyone that class is over.

-=Chapter 4: The Fourth Bite=-
* Defend (I chose to do this for the whole battle).
* Spare this wretched beast.
* Enjoy your weird lil dream, then wake up on day two!

-=Chapter 5: The Fifth Bite=-
* Make up a fake ingredient.
* Run to him! (and get the sh*t kicked out of you by a horse).
* Compliment the craftsmanship of the horse’s shoes.
* Act like you’re not interested (they get mad either way).
* Any of the three options (Choose the dog treat for an extra choice).
* The bell rings, and everyone proceeds to the cafeteria!

-=Chapter 6: The Sixth Bite=-
* Step up and tell them, “You’re on!”
* 100°C.
* Eleven.
* Gratitude.
* A small town where big dreams are born (how wholesome!).
* Silence.
* Any choice here works- it doesn’t matter because the Colonel has taken over.
* Internalize your rage.

You crunched your hand in a mixer and Aeshleigh made a pretty desert, but it still
sucked so you’re fine.

-=Chapter 7: The Seventh Bite=-
* Reveal it.
* Click on scented candle (you can click on all other items as well before the glowing door).
* Click on the glowing door.
* You fess up and tell the truth.
* You spend a magical night with Colonel Sanders!

-=Chapter 8: The Eighth Bite=-
* Flatter him.

You leave to your room and speak with your best friend about her crush, ending with her
disapproving of your obsession with Colonel Sanders.

-=Chapter 9: The Ninth Bite=-
* Don’t do it after all.
* He must be hungry!
* Fess up about your practice dish.
* You enter into the final food battle!

-=Chapter 10: The Tenth Bite=-
* Do it the hard way.
* You summon extra power from deep inside yourself.
* You can choose to adopt spork monster or not (but why wouldn’t you, you heartless jerk?).

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