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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Cheats

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Codes for get free chests.
idlechampionsnow – Free Chest Code

-=How to Redeem Codes=-
First, go to the store, then put the code in the box and submit.

Initial Guide:
Written by Gravedyard.

In this guide you will find rules of thumb, since nobody figured out the math yet.

This guide contains some basic rules which will help you to progress faster. Not
all of them are optimal or even gonna stay true in future game updates, but
hopefully they will help you get a “feel” of the game.

-=When to Reset?=-
That is probably the most important question in the whole game.
And here is what I recommend.

Rule of thumb: Each minute spent not progressing means lost gems, so reset as
soon as you stop progressing.

Each 500 gems mean an additional gold chest, opening which can give you very
substantial boost, so trying to maximize their amount is very important. Much
more important that trying to get 100 gems for completing a quest, for example.
Because in time you spent accumulating upgrades for the boss, you could get much
more than 100 gems through levelling again.

-=When to Use Silver and Gold Chests? What Kind of Chest is Better?=-
That is a very common question, and it pretty easy to answer.
Gold chests are to be open immediately. They contain 5 items, which can be either
usable or equipment.

Silver chests are better to be opened at the point when you about to reset.
Silver chests contain lower tier equipment and gold, which is why you want to use
it later, since amount of gold you receive seem to be dependant on the the level
you are on right now.

-=Which chests to buy?=-
I personally recommend buying gold chests, but that is up to you, honestly. But
having a chance to get one or two very, very powerful items seem much better than
getting ten mediocre ones to me. But I warn you that I may be wrong on this one,
since I did not do the math to see which is better in the long run.

Divine Favors: What are Those and What do They Mean for You Progression?
Divine favors (df, divines, favors) – whatever you call them, each divine favor
increases your gold find by 1% permanently, through resets. It may not seem huge,
but it is becomes very noticeable when you get thousands of them.
Amount of divine favors you get depends on amount of gold you earned in a run.

-=What having divine favors mean to you?=-
Here’s an example. You got to a certainl level and are stuck. If you follow my
rule of thumb, you will immediately reset. That means you will get some divine
favors, and when you progress back to the point where you are stuck, you will
have more gold. And not just more gold – more divine favors too!
To reiterate, the more divine favors you have, the faster you can accrue them
on next runs. So don’t hesitate to reset.

-=What is Freeplay? What are the Benefits or Freeplay?
* Freeplay is an adventure that opens after you complete one of the first missions
requiring beating level 50.
* Freeplay allows you to progress faster, because you can disable “cinematics”
(dialogue) for it in game settings.
* Because of that, unless you aim to complete a mission, you should primarily play
in freeplay mode.

Idle Champions is a bit different from other idle games, since clicking is not very
effective in the beginning. When your divine favor value gets high enough, you will
be able to get much more gold quickly, and that’s when you will be able to one-click
enemies, allowing you very fast level progression.

-=But that’s not all there is to clicking.=-
Clicking also staggers enemies, allowing you to defeat some bosses earlier.
Don’t forget about that, as it can save you some time on difficult bosses.

Gold Farming:
Written by Remag.

Fastest way to earn gold / divine favor.

The best method (for me) to increase the gold found /divine favor is to run till
you get stuck and start a new run.
At the moment this happens to me around level 105-110 (120+ can be done only with potions).
At the moment as i write this guide, i have 2,39E06% gold found bonus.
I tested many ways. Farm at highest level are better then offline, but new runs are more
effective. When the run starts to be finished – open all silver chests you got in this
run. If you got 500 gems buy a gold chest and open it too. After that restart.

The advantage of this method is also to get gems/chests during farming.
1 silver chest at the end of farmrun gives me with 1 gold card 50% gold from whole

-=Level Your Hero List=-
In the following you see a list how i level my heroes. The focus is at +100% to all
followed by dmg dealer Minsc, Tyril.

Try to hold Jarlaxe is as long as you can because aof his 30% gold found bonus
(at 125/175/275) Do not spend your coins to other heroes, simple focus on the next
hero at this list. And you will get mostly 1 hit dmg to the enemy.

Brunor 150: Special: Battle Master
Celeste 10: +100% all
Celeste 35: +100% all
Nayeli 10: +100% all
Celeste 90: +100% all
Celeste 100: Special War Domain
Nayeli 55: +200
Calliope 12: +100% all
Calliope 24: (buffs front)
Asharra 10: Special: Bonus Human
Calliope 60: +100% all
Brunor 250: +100% all
Minsc: unlock
Jarlaxle 125: +10% gold found bonus
Calliope: Special: College of Valor
Calliope 100: +200% all
Nayeli 100: Special: Venegeana
Celeste 205: just dmg
Minsc 20: just dmg
Jarlaxle 175: +10% gold found bonus
Nayeli 145: +100% all
Minsc 40: +100% all
Minsc 50: Special: vs. beast
Brunor 400: +100% all
Celeste 280: +100% all
Minsc: 75: (only buffs Minsc)
Calliope 240: +100% all
Nayeli 190: +100% all
Makos 10: (only +100% Makos)
Tyril: unlock (only if you need damage at this time)
Jarlaxle 175: +10% gold found bonus
Makos 15: Special: Dark Blessing
Brunor 475: +100% all
Minsc 100 (+500% Minsc only)
Nayeli 225: +100% all
Tyril 20: +100% all other ways level here Jaraxla to 175 => +20 gold found)
Calliope 310: +100% all
Celeste 365: +100% all
Tyril 75: Special: Moonbeam other ways level here Jaraxla to 275 => +30 gold found)
Jamilah: unlock (only if you need damage at this time)
Tyril 150: +100% all (only if you need damage at this time)
Minsc 150: (only buffs Minsc) – but hes main dmg dealer
Asharra 140: increase Bond humans
Minsc 175: increase beast ability
Jamilah 25: nothing happens xD only dmg inc (only if you need damage at this time)
Makos 40: inc. dmg Makos
Minsc 200: increase maindmg dealer
Makos 45: inc. Special: Blessing
Jamilah 35: inc. base dmg jamilah +250% (only if you need damage at this time)

Hold Jaraxla as long you do 1 hit kills and increase his gold found bonus.
If you miss damage use Tyril and Jamilah.

Mostly i am stuck at this point – sometime i can run a bit more – if i open a
chest. This run tooks me around 60-90 minutes (depends how long i am afk at other games xD).

When you are stuck – open your chests – maybe you are able to buy some levels as following

Celeste 455: +100% all
Brunor 800: +100% all
Tyril 250: +100% all
Calliope 475: +100% all

How to Makos Farm for Fun and Profit:
Written by Psylisa

How to Makos farm for fun and profit!

-====Party Setup====-
-=Step #1=-
Make sure Makos is using Dark Luck specialization (circled in Red). Makos is NOT your
main DPS, so also specialize Asharra appropriately (Human, in this case).

Maximize your Party DPS by subbing in Tyril instead of Barrowin and place him appropriately
in formation (circled in Red). Remember, Tyril’s Moonbeam buff is best when he’s next to as
few party members as possible.

Swap your main DPS out of the DPS position. This is to avoid killing mobs and let them stack
on your tank(s). Nayelli will gain a damage buff for each mob stacked as well.

If you have room for Minsc, make sure he’s specialized appropriately for your targets.
In this case, it’s Beast.

-====Pile on Mobs====-
-=Step #2=-
Pile on mobs. Let them pile on, until they stop spawning. You may also notice that they
grow, glow yellow, and/or deal more damage. This means you are at the right spot!

If your tanks are dying, scale back a few levels, then use the money you gain from a Makos
farm to level them up over the cap. They gain more HP and be able to tank higher levels

-====Unleash the Ultimate====-
-=Step #3=-
Change the position of your DPS (circled in green) so your biggest hitter is in the main
DPS position. Unleash the Ultimate! …and collect your loot!

I gained about 1e32 gold for that one Ultimate on this level.

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