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Image of Perfection Cheats

Image of Perfection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough for Happy Ending:
Written by Sergio

This walktrough help you to get happy end.

-=Happy End=-
Opposite word of charm it’s a “strange”

-=How to get happy end=-
* First at all you need to say two ghost 2 words
* Piro room : TRUTH
* After that go in Attic and say to other ghost another word
* Attic room : HEAVEN
* After that get key in one room and read note in other room, and go to
bathroom and take the sphere from angel
* After you have fight with the boss in library,read a note and take a knife.

* Equip the knife before the battle in the last boss
* Make choice “use the charm” on the last boss.

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