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Imperium Romanum – Gold Edition Cheats

Imperium Romanum – Gold Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Start the game, and enter the scenario you wish to play.
There, just type the codes, there’s no prompt or pause
or console. Don’t be confused by the buildings that will
appear at the cursor, ignore them.

Code Result
chfreebuild – Free Building
chnofire – Fire will never occur
chnoplague – Plague will never occur
chnoriots – Riots will never occur
chgivemeall – Will give you 1000 of everything
chstartfire – Starts fire
chstopfire – Stops fire
chstartplague – Starts plague
chcureall – Cure everyone
chnofood – Food is not produced
chnomaterials – Materials is not produced
chwin – Win senario
challhistory – Unlocks History Timeline
chnobarbarian – Barbarians wont attack
chstartbarbarian – Start barbarians attacks
chstopbarbarian – Stop barbarians attacks
chnocrime – No more crime in town
chstartriot – Starts riots
chstopriot – Stop riots
chnomorale – Morale is not produced

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