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Incremental Cubes Cheats

Incremental Cubes

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Submitted by: David K.

“Just Kill” Challenge Guide:
Writen By auroVee

Been struggling with trying to defeat Just Kill? This guide will walk
you through the three ways in which you can approach Just Kill, and do
the exact damage needed in order to gain the rewards.

There are three different ways in which you can approach the Just Kill
challenge. The first way I will show you is what is intended to be the
solution, but is also the hardest of the three to pull off. And then, I
will show you two ways in which the challenge can be cheesed – of which
one requires a lot of setup, while the other is how you can do it before
you’ve completed said setup.

-=Option 1: The Intended (but hard and long) Way=-
This is the harder of the three possible options, as well as the longest,
but is the ‘intended’ means of defeating Just Kill.
For this, you need to take off most of your perks, especially the ones
which boost your attack damage, causes other cubes to spawn from the White
meter and the Boosters. You should however keep Auto Collect, Auto Attack
and Power of Cube from the Tier 1 Perks, and potentially the Magician from
the Tier 3 Perks.

Keep the speed of all of your cubes at about 1.00 (That’s Level 10 for
White, Level 20 for Blue, Level 30 for Green, Level 40 for Orange, Level
50 for Red and Level 60 for Gold) while adjusting the higher ones slower
down if and when you need to fine-tune how much damage you deal, and try
to get as close as you can with each attack. Keep Auto Collect on, and
don’t be afraid to Collect manually if you end up overshooting. Also, if
you know you can’t deal the exact damage, but the damage you can deal
equals the current HP plus some extra damage which you can deal with
another run, do that instead.

This way I do not recommend personally. It may take you much longer to
do it this way than it would take to prepare yourself for either of the
upcoming ways which would allow you to cheese the challenge.

-=Option 2: The Early Cheese Way=-
For this option, you need to have progressed far enough in the game that
you have dealt somewhere in the region of 1Oc and 900Ud of damage as your
max damage. You can include more stuff with your Prestige tree, including
if you want the chance for higher tier cubes to spawn from the white meter,
but again, keep the attack perks disabled. You do need the Samurai, the
Magician and (optionally) the Helper Helpers for this though.

For this, you start by using the Magician as well as the cubes you can gain
to grind to about 1B cubes so you can buy the first upgrade to your Samurai.
And then you can bring in your Samurai in. Do not worry about them doing
too much damage – thanks to rounding, you should clear the first few stages
with two attacks. But do keep in mind which tier you stop at when the Samurai
finally stops being able to two shot a stage.

Now, your next step is to carefully lower the current HP of the stages
where the Samurai can’t two shot it so that the health drops to a certain
level akin to how much HP the last stage the Samurai could two shot it, so
that rounding will deal the remaining damage left. Like before, use your
attacks wisely, and slow down the speed of the gauges if you need to fine-
tune the damage you deal. With some practice, and good reflexes, you’ll be
able to knock the HP down enough that you can then send in the Samurai to
finish the job with two attacks.

This is the way I used for my first few Just Kill runs which succeeded
in making it through the 10 phases. As such, I would recommend doing this
for your first run so you can gain the Update Slot it grants.

-=Option 3: The True Cheese Way=-
Now, you may be wondering, “can’t I get my max damage up high enough so
that the Samurai can two-shot all ten phases?”
Yes, you can, although you will need to have a lot of damage dealt in
one go, plus you may also want the Helper Helper at a high level. I
would recommend having the Helper Helper at at least Level 180 or higher,
and your Max Damage so far be in the 100 Dd range, if not higher. Then
once you get 1B cubes from the Magician and such, power up the Samurai
before equipping the Helper Helper and the Samurai at the same time, and
watch as the latter takes out all ten phases in two hits each.

You could also potentially use items which you gain in Tier 2 to also
deal the damage, but by the time you get there, you possibly can deal
enough damage with your Samurai, even with just one power up, to do this.

As soon as you’re able to do this, I’d highly recommend you use this to
clear the five runs of Just Kill you are able to do in order to get the
5% Attack Bonus Multiplier which you gain from completing all five Just
Kill runs, 1% from each one.

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