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Insurgency: Sandstorm Cheats

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Commander Tips & Info:
Written by But A Scratch

-=General Tips=-
Just some quick tips I’ve learned so far.

If you’re not the only commander on your team, be considerate. Ask
before using a one off support, (Helicopters) or the supports you only
have two available of.

When attacking, there’s nearly no reason not to call a smoke barrage. The
closer you can call it to the point/enemy marksman positions, the better.
On the flipside, there’s nearly no reason to *ever* call a smoke barrage
when you’re defending.

When defending, I usually find it best to call fire support as soon as
it’s up. Keeping them delayed with artillery, or dodging around gas is
always a plus.

Don’t be afraid to flank with your Observer. Getting the right angle on
their approach, or a strong line in their defense with an A-10, or grenade
drone strafe can absolutely destroy either one, and give your team the
breathing room they need.

-=Chemical mortars are special for a few reasons=-
They punish un-prepared players.
They act as a less efficient smoke screen.
Like smoke mortars, they make the enemy cough, alerting you to their
position. Unlike smoke mortars, they will likely drive enemies out from
their positions.

Don’t forget that most weapons will penetrate surfaces, so the A-10 strafe,
as well as helicopters can absolutely nuke an objective.
(Especially the Gunships rockets).

Communicate. Be the one asking your team if they need support in a specific
area, status on the point, etc.

In my experience, people communicate much more if someone initiates it first.

Talk to your Observer. Tell them where you want them to be, and what you want
them to do.

If you’re an Insurgent planning on using the chemical mortars, tell your team!
They’ll thank you when they’re not choking to death.

Congratulate your team when they capture an objective, and rally them when
they lose one.

When you’re calling in support, tell your team what it is, and where it is,
so they can avoid it.

-=Fire Support Arrival Times=-
While it may not seem important, knowing when your support will arrive, in
some situations, is vital. For example, want to quickly clear a clustered
group of baddies? Use the A-10 strafe as Security, or Grenade drones as the
Insurgents! Want to spend some time picking them off on the point while
they’re being shelled? Use the explosive mortars/artillery!

Smoke – 47 Seconds until first shell hits.
30mm Strafe Run – 27 Seconds till strafe begin.
Explosive Artillery – 48 until first shell hits.
Minigun Support – 40 Seconds to arrive, stays for 30.
Gunship Support – 40 seconds to arrive, stays for 20.
Chemical Mortar – 46 Seconds until first shell hits.
IED Drone – Spawns in 30 seconds, seeks out target.
Rocket Barrage – 35 Seconds until barrage begin.
Grenade Drones – 30 Seconds until payload detonation.

Keep in mind these were recorded by hand, so these values may be off by a
second or two.

Character Customisation:
From the Main menu select Customize to be taken to the character customisation menu.

You can equip cosmetics which do not impact the gameplay. You can customise your character
for both factions.

To do so, click on any outfit categories (Character, Eyewear, Headgear, Hands, Torso, Legs,
Feet, Camo) and select the outfit you want to equip. As you equip new items the character
will change in real time, reflecting your new outfit.

Locked cosmetics maybe purchased with “appearance credits”. These credits are obtainable
by playing the game and levelling up.

For any players that were present in the Closed Alpha please delete your “profile.sav” in
the below location:

Otherwise you may experience character body parts disappearing or showing two cosmetic
options at once.

Helpful Co-op Knowledge:
Written by Whiskey

-=Hot Potato!=-
Some grenades are not cooked, and will lay there for a while after they land.
Others are fully cooked and explode right after landing. The rest are in between.

Take the chance that the live grenade rolling to a stop in front of you is not cooked! ??
Pick it up to throw it away – hopefully towards the enemy! That choice could save your
teammates. Of course you want to help your teammates, so do this:

Look down at the grenade and press F to pick it up. You will automatically trigger an a
nimation that throws it away from you, so be sure to think ahead! Position yourself so
that once you do pick up the nade you’ll throw it towards the enemy, or at least away
from your friends.

You must be swift! Sometimes you’ll die anyway if the nade was cooked too long.

-=Grenade Cooking=-
* If you right-click for a short underhand throw, then left-click to cook.
* If you left-click for a long overhanded throw, then right-click to cook.

-= Kicking Doors Down
Kick a door open with the middle mouse button.

Conversely, have a door kicked open on you, and it will KILL YOU.

Stay away from doors unless you plan to open them or kick them down. If an enemy kicks open
a door while you’re standing on the other side of it, your disappointment will be immeasurable
and your day will be ruined.

-=Downing a Helicopter=-
Helicopters are only called by Security forces. Playing as the Insurgent class, you’ll find
yourself at the business end of some seriously tough helicopters.

Playing as Security, of course, those same helicopters hardly ever earn their keep!
The occasional 8-10 kill streak happens, but most times they die from the godlike precision
of a bot that shoots ’em down 4 seconds after appearing.

Your best chance of taking down a heli as an Insurgent is by hitting it with an RPG. Your other
chance is by shooting its rotors with a machine gun. It takes a lot of shots, but it’s possible
to down a heli with a machine gun simply by targeting its rotors.

-=IED & Bomber Drones=-
Insurgent class can and do call in drones through windows, into the building you think you’re
safe in. This almost always happens during a counterattack, AFAIK.
Try to shoot down drones. YMMV. Good luck!

-=Destroy Ammo Caches=-
You noticed that some points don’t need to be capped; they must be destroyed. Either stand
over the cache and hold F to slowly attach a makeshift IED, or get out of the way and let
someone with an incendiary, molotov, IED, or grenades take out the cache faster.

It takes 2 grenades, or 1 of the other devices, to destroy a cache.

-=Commander + Observer=-
The Security Commander uses the O key to call in A10 gun runs, miniguns, explosive ordinance,
smoke mortars and a badass helicopter run with an initial rocket strike + 30mm cannons.

The Insurgent Commander also uses the O key to call in bomber drone strikes, smoke mortars,
chemical mortars (gas mask may be required!), and more!

The idea is for the Observer/Radioman to stay near the Commander so that the Commander can
call in airstrikes. The reality is that the Commander usually doesn’t call in squat, or if
she does, she’s new and she’s calling in the wrong solution to the wrong target at the wrong
time, and teammates die as a direct result of the Commander’s actions.

As an Observer, it’s your job to just sit back and watch the sh!tshow unfold. Just observe.

A good Commander + Observer duo can turn the tide of war and lead the charge to victory.

Loadout Tips:
Written by ado

* Don’t rely on flashbangs. While flashbangs are very common drops from dead enemies, and
they have the ability to stun, the stun effect is minimal and usually wears off by the time
you make contact with them. Most of the time, you’ll just end up flashing yourself or a
teammate. Unless you’re pinned down and you have no other options, or you’re about to breach
a building, forget the flashbangs.

* Don’t rely on your sidearm. Even in Survival. Yes, it’s very fun and unique, and I do it
sometimes too, but I also bring a primary with me or pick one up off a dead enemy. That Desert
Eagle is powerful and effective until you’re getting sprayed by five enemies and you don’t
have cover. 85% of the time, your sidearm is your backup weapon for when you don’t have time
to reload.

* If you don’t need a laser sight, you don’t have to bring one. Those two supply points are
better used for other attachments, such as a suppressor, a foregrip, an underslung weapon,
or sights. Also note that AI can’t see the laser, but other players in PvP probably will,
so if you’re just using Co-op to practice, start by ditching the laser.

* Ditch the armor, bring a Light Carrier if you want. Armor is entirely useless in this game.
It only decreases explosive damage and time-to-kill on some weapons (most being low-caliber
guns you probably won’t encounter too often anyways, like pistols). You don’t need that extra
weight. As for the Heavy Carrier, that just adds extra magazines and a grenade slot, and while
it’s somewhat useful for Demolitions if you’re bringing a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher,
most other classes probably won’t survive long enough to use the extra magazines or grenades
the Heavy Carrier provides. It just slows you down, anyways. Unless you’re playing Gunner or
Demolitions, you seriously don’t need a
Heavy Carrier. Speed counts.

* Bring a gas mask. Gas masks protect players from chemical gas strikes and have the added
bonus of silencing the player’s coughs in smoke, preventing enemies from detecting them.
They’re one supply for Security, and they’re free for Insurgents. If you don’t take one,
don’t get mad when gas drops down and you die 30 seconds into a counterattack.

Extra Tips:
Written by Medical

* There are ammo boxes scattered about (they are the greyish boxes) they will refill a few
magazines and are client side, so don’t worry about others needing them (Note this might
get changed in the future)
* Shotguns can run 3 different ammo types, Buckshot (default), Flechettes (Helps against
armour) and Slugs (Basically a normal bullet good for some extra range).
Flechettes and Slugs do cost 1 supply type.
* Tracers are a Free Upgrade letting you shoot bullets that have a small trail which can
let you know where your shots are going, good for LMGs for a laser show.
* Most sights (excluding the 1x sights) will have an alternative mode, such as increasing
or decreasing the zoom or swapping to a separate sight.
* Armour isn’t the most useful things in this game. Heavy armour and Light armour generally
stop the same amount of shots (but Heavy does a little better against explosives) and you
are also slower, but its mostly personal preference.
* Shotguns and bolt actions rifles, don’t spawn with the maximum amount, they can have, go
over to a resupply box and grab some extra, also you can load 1 more shell into the shot gun.
* More All of the other guns (expect for the LMGs, shotguns, and the Uzi) can hold 1 extra shot.
If you don’t fire all of the rounds in a mag, you keep 1 extra bullet in the chamber of the gun.
* There is a Communication Wheel that allows you to make a few call outs, from a simple yes and
no, to pointing out where you saw some enemies and also calling them mean names or insulting
their family its also how Commanders can tell their Observer/s to get the ???? back here to
call in some support.
* Play the Tutorial and go to the Range. At the Range you can try out all the guns and the
attachments that are on them, but remember that you can’t take explosive launchers unless
you are a Demolitions.
* The easiest way to learn the a Map is to look at the map and shadow an other player, or
just explore, never know might find a nice hiding spot if you ever want play PVP.

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