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Adventurer’s Escape Cheats

Adventurer’s Escape

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: David K.

*Click on group under tree.
*Take BAG from behind Ilea.
*Click back.
*Take FOREST RAT from grass as it runs by.
*Go to next scene at the right.
*See monkey in tree and FLINT standing infront of tree.
*Click FLINT a couple times, watch monkey mimic him.
*Give BAG to FLINT and he will throw it and then disappear.
*Monkey see, monkey do, The monkey throws his bag down.
*Pick up brown BAG and blue BAG.
*Click on brown BAG in inventory.
*Open up and find BOOKLET, read instructions to make paddle.
*In brown BAG again, find PEN, and KNIFE.
*All three are added to inventory and the brown bag disappears.
*Use knife to cut down third bamboo to the left of the tree.
*Go right to bear sitting under tree.
*Give bear BAMBOO. Take AXE.
*Go right and watch log fall with a snake attached.
*Place FOREST RAT on the ground to the left of the log.
*The snake will leave, following the rat.
*click on log.
*Put AXE in the split part of log.
*Take wood piece.
*Use PEN on wood piece to trace out two paddles
*Use AXE to cut out two paddles.
*Pick up paddles.
*Go right.
*Zoom in on boat.
*Cut the rope holding the boat to release boat into the water.

Canoe game:
Put 60KG and 40KG in boat. GO.
Put them on shore and put 60KG back in boat. GO.
Put 60KG back on shore. Put 80KG in boat. GO.
Put 80KG back on shore. Put 40KG in boat. GO.
Put 40KG and 60KG in boat. GO.
Put both back on shore. Put 40KG back in boat. GO.
Put 40KG back on shore. Put 90KG in boat. GO.
Put 90KG on shore. Put 60KG in boat. GO.
Put 40KG in boat with 60KG. GO.
The end!

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