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How to get through Mail Slots in Psychonauts 2

There are certain abilities that you can get early on in Psychonauts whereas some will be found in the later part. These powers help in completing tasks, getting through objects, improving the mental health of Razputin, and other stuff. Talking about going through objects, the question arises that how to get through mail slots in Psychonauts 2?

Going through narrow and barred areas in the game requires a specific ability by the name of Mental Projection. It is one of the last ones that you get but surely worth it to unlock many secrets and mysteries.

Below we will be looking at how to get the projection ability and its overview.

How to get through Mail Slots in Psychonauts 2

As told, the ability will be unlocked late in the game. You will get it while visiting the mind of Cassie O’Pia.

After the mind of Ford Cruller has been fully recovered, revelations about Maligula have been disclosed, and Raz has left the Motherlobe area, only then you can get Mental Projection.

Similar to the route we took in the getting past bees mission, follow the honey trail, protect Raz by picking up the bee smoker, enter the beehive, meet Cassie and enter her mind.

As soon as you do this, you will meet teacher cassie while walking through the first area. Here, you will be taught how to make 2D clones of Raz that can go through the mail slots and other slim areas or doors.

After the game is completed, you can explore each of those areas that you were not able to visit previously. There will be many new things to explore once you acquire this ability and surely a lot more to know about the game & its details.

Although it is one of the last abilities that you get, it’s not at all the least.

Mental Projection Ability in Psychonauts 2 – Overview

Mental projection is also called archetype and this is what the in-game description about it is.

“Summon an Archetype to distract enemies and help with puzzles.”

This ability basically allows you to create a 2D archetype of Raz. Since it is as slim as paper, getting past mail slots and door locks won’t be a problem.

It can also be used to distract enemies by making them think the archetype is the real Raz. However, the 2D model dies quickly after taking damage. Though you can upgrade it to make it take double the damage as before.

With the upgrade, it can also give Raz a mental energy boost. Besides, it can provide health if Raz takes some damage. All in all, a great ability to have in your arsenal as it will help you on many occasions.


Now you know how to get through mail slots in Psychonauts 2 and what the mental projection ability is all about. Go inside Cassie’s mind and learn it to find many more aspects of the game that would not have been discovered before this power.

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