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Albion Online Cheats

Albion Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the Emotional Achievement:
Written by LasTimelord

A guide to unlocking the Emotional Achievement.

* Use every emote in the game.

Unlock the Emotional Achievement, quick and easy! To unlock the Emotional
Achievement just log into the game and type the following, in any order
to unlock.


Once the last emote has been typed, you will unlock the achievement.

How to Get the Not Creepy at All Achievement:
Written by LasTimelord

A guide to unlock the achievement Not Creepy At All.

To unlock this achievement quickly, all you need to do is.

* Left click on any player in game until their icon appears at the top of the
screen, next to yours.
* Left click their avatar (icon).
* A drop down box will appear, click inspect.
* A box will appear showing the persons worn items, ignore this and continue
clicking “Inspect”.
* After doing this 100 times you will unlock the achievement.
* Congratulations!
* This has been tested and saves the time of looking for 100 different players,
which isn’t required for this achievement.

Direwolf Guide:
Written by Reshiram

The Direwolf is a more powerful version of the wolf.Direwolves are an aggressive
Tier 6 mob.Can be skinned to obtain Tier 6 Robust Hide. A Direwolf has the rare
chance to drop a Direwolf Pup or a Book for Fame. Dire wolf is one of the fastest
mounts tier 6 with out any special ability to use.

Direwolves is easy to farm, but need to be careful for players, always have the mount
out and no matter what, if a player appears click on the mount and leave. Always be
careful for ambush too. Dead bodies is a good idea for ambush and really uncommon so
you need to watch your steps.Direwolf is a solo mob to farm, you can farm it with
friends but the chance to get a pup is even low than normal to get it solo.

Solo Equipment (Mine Build for Direwolves)

Cowl: Mage Cowl -> Tier 4
Robe: Mage Robe -> Tier 4
Boots: Soldier Boots -> Tier 4
Weapon: Light Crossbow -> Tier 4
Off Hand: Torch -> Tier 4
Mount: Riding Horse ->Tier 3
Bag: Adept’s Bag -> Tier 4

Mage Cowl: For the poison effect on the direwolves or the Force Field to knock up
players if they invade you.

Mage Robe: For the Purging Shield that increase your resistance and at the same time
creates a shield and if any enemy player hit it looses all the buff he got, which is
also very good for escaping in a bad situation (Does not remove enemy heal effects).

Soldier Boots: Every second your movement speed increases by 10%. (Stacks up to 8
times.) This effect lasts for 16 seconds so is also good for avoiding get killed if
an enemy kill your mount, you can press the boots effect and run.
Personally it saves me a lot of times!

Light Crossbow: For the Exploding Shot skill. The combo is simple to one shot the
Direwolf. One normal hit, then Sunder Shot {W} , Exploding Shot {E}, Auto Fire {Q}
and for the last one normal hit again and the direwolf life goes to 0 with one simple
combo like this.

Torch: For the Cooldown and attack speed modifier.

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