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Aleph One Cheats

Aleph One

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

In the mml folder create a file named “cheats.mml”. Enter the following
line in the file and save it. To use the cheat codes, type
them in while pressing “control”. Weapon and ammo cheats will indicate
their success by the “picked up item” sound and effect.
Here are those cheats:

Code Result
nrg – add suit energy
otwo – add oxygen
map – show items, monsters, and projectiles in map view
bye – invisibility
nuke – invincibility
see – infravision
wow – extravision
mag – pistol
melt – fusion gun
puff – shotgun
rif – rifle
zip – SMG
toast – flamethrower
pow – rocket
pzbxay – alien gun
qwe – Jump
ammo – lots of ammo
shit – Unlock almost everything
yourmom – Save at current location.

Level warp:
To warp to any level hold own the ctrl + shift keys, and while
still holding them click new game.

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