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Alice – Madness Returns Cheats

Alice – Madness Returns

Also known as: American McGee’s Alice 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding dress.

Classic – Infernal Train (Chapter 6).
When equipped you will regain health when shrunk.
Misstitched – The Dollhouse (Chapter 5).
When equipped your Shrink Sense duration is doubled.
Royal Suit – Queensland (Chapter 4).
When equipped your health is limited to four roses total.
Silk Maiden – Oriental Grove (Chapter 3).
When equipped your enemies drop twice as many teeth.
Siren – Deluded Depths (Chapter 2).
When equipped your enemies drop twice as many roses.
Steamdress – Hatter’s Domain (Chapter 1).
When equipped breakables drop more teeth and roses.

New Game + mode:
Successfully complete the game. You can start a new game session with your
previously upgraded weapons and clothes.

Psychonauts reference:
In Chapter 4, just after you do the first chess puzzle, you will get chased into
a hole by the giant unbeatable card monster. When you first arrive down there,
go a short distance ahead and look at the right wall to find a heart stone. Shrink
down to learn that it is a fake rock. Run into the keyhole tunnel. On the other
side will be a floor where you can use a bomb to break. Do so, then go down the
stairs to get a memory and some extra teeth. Notice the skeleton sitting on the
chair. It is Raz from Psychonauts. He can be identified by the red goggles, his
shape, and the position that he is in (which is the stance he uses for a mind
attack). With this in mind, it looks like Raz is dead, and there will be no
Psychonauts 2.

Fixing Random Freezes and Crashes:
Written by Zaxx

The game has a tendency to just “stop” for a second or two and then resume with
that regularly ending in a crash to the desktop. This is caused by EA’s DRM
(thanks, EA!) so we have to disable that. There are two steps to doing this,
you have to do both:

Go to SteamsteamappscommonAlice Madness ReturnsBinariesWin32Core and rename
“EACoreServer.exe” to something else (for example EACoreServer.exe.ab).
This will make the duration of the hitching a lot shorter and less visible.
To fully get rid of the freezes you have to download a crack that disables the
DRM altogether. I won’t link to a download but googling “alice madness returns
theta” will help you out.
Be sure to back up AliceMadnessReturns.exe before applying the fix!

After doing this the random freezes should stop completely along with the crashes.
Be sure to write an angry letter to EA about their DRM messing with old games after
you’re done!

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