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Carnivores 2 Cheats

Carnivores 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by bill schuler

Type “debugup” during game play to enable debug mode. Location coordinates will
appear in the top right corner to confirm correct code entry. Dinosaurs will
ignore your character unless shot. Additionally, enter one of the following codes
to activate the cheat function.
Note: You can also type debugup while the screen is black to activate debug mode.

Effect Code
Display frame rate – [Shift] + T
Full map – [Tab]
Run faster – [Ctrl]
Slow motion mode – [Shift] + S
High jumps – [Ctrl] + [Space]
Super jumps – [Ctrl] + N
Toggle fog – [Shift] + F
Flight mode – [Shift] + L
Toggle 3D objects – [Shift] + M
Env. Shaded graphics – [Shift] + E
Phong shaded graphics – [Shift] + P
Gourard shaded graphics – [Shift] + G
Clouds and shadows – [Shift] + C
Invincibility – [Shift] + I
Run faster backwards – [Ctrl] + Z

Fly Cheats:
Submitted by: Cameron Gatlin
E-mail: mgatlin@coastalnet.com

While hunting type in debugup and then press “b” to get out of binoculars
then to run fast press control and to jump high hold control and then press
the space bar but if you want to fly hold down shift and press “L” then let
go and jump very high and press control while you are in the air and you can

E-mail: novalogic31@hotmail.com
Submitted by: Brad Arden

You can be any animal you see on the game go to the file called “huntdat” and
then go to a file called “_res.go” down to the charactor list and delete the
hunter and any animals that comes before the animal you want to be.

Submitted by: Asmund E H Tokheim
E-mail: aastok@online.no

In the Carnivores folder click in to Huntdat where you will find a file
“named _res”. Open the file and you will find text about the weapons,
characters and prices. Here you can change ammo power dinosaurs health,
sense, prices for the levels and much more.

Duplicate hunter:
Click on the hunter to be duplicated at the login screen. Erase the high
lighted name, then type in a new hunter name. Press [Enter] and accept the
hunting waiver. If done correctly, you will now have a new hunter with all
of the points of the hunter that was originally highlighted.

* As in any hunting sim worth its salt lick, pay close attention to the
wind-these dinos can smell.

* Tired of looking for a predator? Fire your gun every so often (make sure
you have ammo, of course) and dinos will come looking for you!

* The fewer items you take along, the more points each trophy is worth, but
the greater the likelihood that you’ll have an unsuccessful hunt.

Powerful and quiet weapons:
Use a text editor to edit the “res_” file in the “huntdat” folder. Find the
entries that define the maximum power of the weapons. Change the values for
the gun, xbow, rifle, sniper rifle to 8. Change the values for the shot gun
and db shotgun to 1.3. Change the loud value for all weapons to 1 to prevent
the dinosaurs from running away.

Cheaper weapons, animals, and maps:
Use a text editor to edit the “res_” file in the “huntdat” folder. Change
the entries to match the following:

prices {
start = 1
area = 1
area = 1
area = 1
area = 1
area = 1

dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1
dino = 1

weapon = 1
weapon = 1
weapon = 1
weapon = 1
weapon = 1
weapon = 1

Easy way to hunt T-Rex:
Use the following steps to kill a T-Rex with one hit with the pistol. Note:
This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “res_” file in the “huntdat”
folder. Find the section that defines the pistol and change the power to 1024.
Then, find the T-Rex section and change the health to 1. You should now be
able to kill the T-Rex with one shot. You can also change the power of the
Rifle, X-Bow, Double Barrel Shotgun, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle. Changing the
number to anything over 1024 will not register.

Quick money:
Use a text editor to edit the “res_” file in the “huntdat” folder. Find the
section for the dinosaur that you can hunt the fastest and change the basepoints
or base score to 50. It will not register the points on a kill if enter anything
higher. If you kill five or more dinosaurs in a hunt, you can actually get up to
70 points for one kill.

Weak dinosaurs:
Use a text editor to edit the “res_” file in the “huntdat” folder. Find the entries
that define the maximum power of the weapons. Change the health values for all the
dinosaurs to 8. This will allow any dinosaur, including the T Rex, to be brought
down with one shot of the sniper rifle.

Visual Map Compass:
The instruction book with Carnivores 2 does not show how etc. to activate the
directional compass. It is not shown either in the “options” window. To show the
“Compass” and “Wind Diection Arrow” simply toggle the “Caps Lock” button on or
off during play.

Change prices and Health HEX CHEAT:
BACKUP FILES FIRST! Go to the directory in which you installed the game Ex:
“C:Program FilesCarnivores 2” look for the folder named “Huntdat” open it and
then look for the file called “_res” open it and here you will find all the
changes you would want to make.Save a copy of this file before you change
anything in it.Never set any number on that page to “0” or the game will not run.

name = ‘T-Rex’
file = ‘tirex.car’
ai = 18
mass = 6
length = 12
radius = 400
health = 1024
basescore = 25
smell = 0.85
hear = 0.8
look = 0.8
shipdelta = 168
danger = TRUE

Change the health into 1 instead of 1024 also you can change the smell
(or any other sense) to 0.1

Select Your Character:
Go to the file that says “Huntdat.” Now go into the file _res. Go to where it
says “character” and change it to any dinosuar from the game: Parasaurolophus,
Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus,
Ceratosaurus, T-Rex.

Safe Spot:
When you have debug mode on, find a dino wall, a very steep hill, or something
like stonehinge (on Fort Caskin, to the east where the sand beach meets the
forest),(dino wallonly on two levels, look in level selection)and do a super
jump and land up on the object.

Submitted by: James

The cheat is called (Huger Dinosaurs) the buttons are (shift,k,f,e)

Killing Carnivores easily:
Killing carnivores in this game can be tricky since if they touch you, you die
instantly. It’s particularly hard when they get within medium range, since they
can strafe your shots and close the distance very quickly. Once easy way to kill
any carnivore is to lure them into deep water. Once there, the carnivore is forced
to slowly doggy paddle in a straight line towards you. This makes them sitting ducks,
and you can pick them off at your leisure. This method even works on the mighty
Tyrannosaurus Rex, although you do have to shoot him accurately in the eye.
In fact, the larger carnivores like T-Rex can’t even hurt you when you’re floating
in deep water (as long as their feet aren’t touching the ground) since you’re floating
above their hit detection zone, which is at their feet rather than up near their head.
This method is really cheap and is more of a oversight by the programmers than a
legitimate hunting technique. The programmers should have implemented a whale-like
aquatic super-predator who would gobble you if you stayed in deep water too long. It
is useful though if you can’t seem to get off the precision sniper shot to the eye
required to kill T-Rex before he spots and eats you.

Easy kills:
Enable the “Slow motion mode” code. Everything will move slowly, except your bullets.

Run faster backwards:
Press [Ctrl] + Z and you will be able to back up faster.

Biger dinosaurs:
Submitted by: dan

if you go to my computer then local Disk(C:) then program files carnivores 2
then huntdat then _RES go to a dino then Scalio change it to 50000 and go to
the game!

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