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Castles 2 – Siege & Conquer Cheats

Castles 2 – Siege & Conquer

Small cheat:
To make the days go faster and have all the work done in
no-time, just press/hold the right mouse button.

Quick neutrality check:
You can not send a Saboteur, Diplomat, Spy, or Merchant to
a territory if it is not owned. If these options are not
available for a territory, then it is neutral.

Free Resources using Merchant Option:
The “Merchant” task allows you to trade your resources with
another family. However, it doesn’t check that you have enough
resources to give away when you trade (although it will subtract
them if you have enough). So for example, if you don’t need iron
for a while, you can keep trading away your 0 iron for other
resources such as gold. Merchant is also the fastest task that
helps toward your administrative, military, and political ratings,
so doing it early and often is one of the fastest ways to increase
your ratings.

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